He Was at the Terminal Stage of Cancer and Couldn’t Care for His Ailing Wife, They Committed Suicide Together

You do realize, that this, is still happening, right???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man in his eighties is at the terminal stage of colon cancer, yesterday, he was found, hanged to death by a tree by the side of the roads, his wife in her sixties had ligature marks on her neck, and was found dead in the back of the sedan, there was a note that said, that because the two of them fell ill, and could NO longer look after one another, that’s why they’d decided to die together.

He the elderly man was a retired soldier, He’s daughter stated to the police, that the mother has serious anemia, and was taken care of by her father regularly, awhile ago, her father gone to the hospitals and found himself to be at the terminal stage of colon cancer, and the cancer cells had metastasized, and he was depressed, last Sunday when she’d gone to visit them, the parents had disclosed their suicidal thoughts, and said, that they are going to “die together”.

A villager, Huang, from Da-Pu yesterday at around six in the morn, went out to work, as he passed by the roads, he found someone, hung on the trees, and was so shocked and called the police.  The police found identification in the car, and confirmed that the one hung on the trees was He, He held on to a tree and hung himself, and wrapped his arms around the tree too; He’s wife lay flat on the backseat of the car next by, with ligature marks on the right side of her neck, and the CSI thought that the size was the same kind of rope that He had used to hung himself, and the cause of death is to be clarified, the D.A. from Chiayi, Hsieh said that she will wait for the medical examiner to see if that, was the causes of their deaths, from the preliminary examinations, they suspected that He had strangled his own wife then, hung himself.

The police found two notes in the car, that looked like the last notes from them, and on the note that He wrote, he said, that he is a good citizen, and will keep watch over the fishermen, along with the residents close by; the other was written by He’s wife, stated that she had been ill a long time, and needed care from her husband, and now her husband had fallen ill too, that she couldn’t bear the thought of him dying alone, and wanted her kids to take care of each other, that way, they’d have no worries.

He’s daughter told the police, that even though they were fourteen years apart, they were very close to one another, “there was only my dad in my mom’s world”.  She said, that as she was growing up, she’d heard them state that neither one of them wanted to be left alone, that they will die together; she originally planned to visit her parents, but it was too late.

The news of the couple’s suicides got to the village, and the neighbors are all very shocked.  The neighbors told of how close the couple was to one another, that as they watched the evening news, they’d often laughed together, but this year, there was “less of the laughter, and Mr. He seemed to have lost weight too”.

And so, suicide, was the choice that they’d made, because they’re both old and ailing, and, there’s just NOTHING more for them to look forward to, and, this, is still desperation calling…

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