The Mother and Her Boyfriend Went to a Net Café, Leaving Her Son Unattended, the Child Was Found, Dead, Under the Bed

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The child was dirty, smelled bad, and with injuries…

A one-and-a-half year old boy, Yo-Yo, yesterday, was taken to the E.R. by his mother and her cohabiting boyfriend, and died, he weighed only five kilograms, was half the weight of children his age, and there were multiple bruises on his face, the D.A. suspected that there was abuse, but the birth mother and the boyfriend denied it.

“We did NOT abuse him, we just didn’t have money for his formula.”  The mother, Fang stated, two nights ago, she’d given her son to the man she cohabited with, Chang, to care, and went to the Net Café alone.  After the child falls asleep, the boyfriend went to the net café to meet up with her.  When they got home at four in the morn, the child had fallen off the bed and was not breathing.

The police pointed out, that the young boy didn’t have any muscles or fat, just skins and bones, and the two caretakers rarely bathed him, just used baby powder, and his body was so dirty, and there were ulcers in his mouth too, they suspected that the boy was neglected and starved to death.  Fang and her boyfriend was chased and beaten by the people who came to watch what had happened.

The two adults stated that when the child cries uncontrollably, they would hit his palms, but never abused him. “We couldn’t afford the formulas that cost $800 to $900 N.T. a canister, so we can only go to the super convenience shops to buy milk, and, we’d fed him whenever we felt like.”  In the recent two months, the boyfriend was out of a job, and, because they ran out of money, they can only feed the child rice porridge.

The police investigated and found that the nineteen year old Fang after the divorce, she met her boyfriend through the web, six months ago, she’d left her home in Taoyuan to move in with him, and the three of their living expenses was paid for by Chang’s wages at the restaurant, but two weeks ago, he’d quit his job, and the two would wait until after the child’s asleep to go to the net cafés.

“How could my grandson be dead!”, the grandfather picked up his cell phone, looking at the young child’s photographs, he couldn’t accept the fact that his grandson had died, claimed that his daughter was found to have leukemia at age five, and was hovered over by the family, she was spoiled by them, and couldn’t take care of her own living.  She’d studied in the childcare department in high school,  but dropped out and left home, and, a few months ago, the father knew about this grandson.

The Taoyuan District Court’s preliminary investigations and autopsy found, that the boy had NO visible external injuries, that they couldn’t find what had caused his death externally, and the cause of death will be known today, after his autopsy.

And so, the cause of this innocent death is still the parents being too irresponsible, too young, and it’s a case of neglect, and, people like that should NOT be having babies in the first place, and yet, those tiny ones are still being popped out, quicker, and quicker still…


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