Just Follow the Tracks? On Parenting


A few days ago, I saw on television that there was an interview of how the famous taught their offspring, one of the male stars said in a serious voice, “The future of my child, I’d planned out for him, he just needed to follow the tracks, and, he will NOT derail onto a different path.”

There are kids around me, whose lives are cramped up with a TON of talent classes, and they’re without any alone time, and rarely socialized with their friends, and couldn’t even take the busses themselves, and the parents would say, “I was from a poor background, and couldn’t take up as many talents as I would’ve wanted to, and I’m making my child take all those talents because I don’t want her/him to have any regrets.” Every time I’d heard this sort of a statement, I can’t help but question, when the mother’s dream is becoming an artist, then, she makes her son take art lessons; when the dad wanted to become a musician, he’d forced his children to take up the piano or the violin.  But, had the parents actually taken the time to consider, What, exactly, is the dreams of the child?  Without the art lessons, the piano, would there be any regrets in her/his life?

Sometimes, parents would make their kids live their unfulfilled dreams, and so, before school age, they’d start to “cultivate” the child, put in a TON of resources, leading the child toward some bright future, but, at the same time, the child’s innocence, a happier and carefree childhood is lost.  Maybe, the children’s dreams are smaller than the adults’, maybe, he just wanted to play in the park, in the sandbox with his young friends.

Everybody has a different way of experiencing the world, and, forcing someone to march down the “right path”, this may become a huge burden instead.

The children are NOT clones of the parents, nor are they tools to help fulfill the parents’ unfulfilled dreams.  Everybody has her/his own life path, and has the right to utilize one’s own abilities to find out what one is good at, to discover the world.

Surely, it may be smooth on the tracks you’d planned out for your offspring, but, who can say, that maybe, by derailing, there may be an alternative, but equally beautiful scene to be had.

And so, STOP forcing your dreams, your childhood fantasies onto your own offspring, just because you never got the chance to live YOUR dream, PARENTS, that still doesn’t give you the right, to DEPRIVE your kids of their dreams, after all, we are NOT clones of our parents here, are we now???  Uh, HELL NO!!!

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