Inspired by the Writings on the Walls, She’d Picked Up Her Stone Sculpting Again

From the Newspapers, translated…

“During those days, it’s like I’m asking the heavens: What ELSE CAN I do?”, Yeh, after her graduation from graduate school, had lost the direction of focus in her life, but, she couldn’t let go of the drives and desires she has of creating things, she’d picked up a rock, and started carving images down on the walls, and realized, that fate had already planned out a path for her.

After her graduation from Hsinchu Education University in 2009, she’d chosen to head to the States to reflect, after she’d returned here, she’d gone to the schools for the internship, but, her artistic self wouldn’t allow her to sit still, and so, she’d decided to put her mind into creations.

This time, Yeh went back to the countryside of Changhwa to think about the direction of her life, she’d picked up a rock, and started writing on the walls, she said, back then, she’d wanted to shout to the heavens, “Where am I going next in life?”, she’d carved the lines she loved from books and stuff she’d thumbed across onto the walls, then, she’d started drawing pictures afterwards.

And sometimes, that, is how easily inspirations come, and this woman still had to wait for her time to be here, and, there’s NO hurrying fate, because fate WILL get to you WHEN and HOW it will get to you, NOT before, even IF you think you’re MORE than well prepared for it now.  So, don’t hurry yourselves there.

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