At the Age of Eighty-Eight, He is Still Creating, the Namely Playwright Sent His Scripts in, and Received a Literary Award

This still JUST shows that old age does NOT equal to deterioration, you CAN, remain active for the rest of your life, IF you want to, from the Newspapers, translated…

A namely winner of the television Golden Bell Award, Jiang, at the age of eighty-eight, he’s still creating nonstop, he’d written about how he’d come to Taiwan with the army, and the turbulences he’d gone through with the changes in time, turned them into words, yesterday, he’d taken his newly written work of 180,000 characters, to the Cultural Department of Hsinbei City, and entered into the annual literary award for Northern Taiwan and for Hsinbei City, he’d shown a passion that had been there since he was younger, his age didn’t affect him at all.

The eighty-eight year old Jiang spoke with force, at age sixteen, he’d gone into the army and in 1948, came to Taiwan with the Nationalists, and in the times of warring with communism, he was separated from his families, and had gone through life AND death with his army cohort, in order to keep himself from missing home too much, Jiang started writing, with just an elementary school level education.

Jiang recalled, that there was NO writing desk in his campsite, he could only curl up on his bunk to write, and his first novel, “A Cruel Kind of Love” was published by the “Wild Wind” Magazine, at age thirty-seven when he’d retired from the service, he’d started writing scripts for the radio programs, in order to get himself familiarized with the formats, every time, he’d gone to the New Park in Taipei to listen to the radio there, worked hard, and he finally became the Central Radio Broadcasting Agency as an editor for the programs.

And, with the television stations set up one by one, he also worked as a playwright for the two main television stations, and worked as an editor for the very first soap “Jing-Jing”, later, he was involved in other productions of dramas, and earned eight total Golden Bell Awards.

In 1993, Jiang retired from the Central Broadcasting Stations, he’d still kept creating, in this march, he’d finally finished his novel of 180,000 words, it still described the love that people had for one another during the war times, he hoped that his work can be made available to a lot more people, he’d took his new work to the Hsinbei Cultural Department to hand in the scripts, and entered into the Literary Award for Taiwan, along with the Hsinbei City’s Literary Competitions, and showed that “age is a matter of the minds”.

And so, this man still kept at his interests, and because he’d been through everything in his life, he can have a TON of materials to write about, and that, is what inspiration is, finding things that are worthy of your time and energy, and go for it, and, that, is how you can remain active in the mind, even at an old age.

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