A Man without Facebook

Disconnected with the REST of the world here, translated…

When people are checking in, he’s checking out, he is washing the dishes, while others are putting their scores up on the boards; while other people are waking up to the sound of their LINE accounts, he, stays in bed all day long, when others tag, he lags.

Couldn’t be tracked down, refused to be found; without the graffiti on the walls, just the black and white pictures, the world without the name plates are easy for him to navigate.  Very involved, but NOT adding himself into a community online, giving out encouragements verbally, but never Kudos; without the directions, he’d always gotten lost, never Tweeted anything, he seemingly didn’t really exist at all.

He understood the distance between the reality and the virtual, but couldn’t understand the space between the people in the world.  The Happy Farm is NOT a real farm, Candy Crush doesn’t really crush either.  The online world is NOT flattened and open at all, the applications are NOT all free, and useful either.  He hadn’t updated his status, because he’s still wondering IF he should, his name and address is still half hidden too; he is still waiting.  Waiting for a girl, in an alternative world, to help save him using her courage and her realness; he doesn’t have a voice, didn’t leave a footprint, didn’t have a display picture for his accounts; he’s a total Faceless guy.

And so, that, just shows you how VITAL Facebook is to one’s social standings, doesn’t it?  But, realize this, the MORE friends you have on Facebook, the LESS friends you have that you can interact face-to-face with, because you spend ALL that time online, with your Face “friends”, and, when it came times that you really needed to be helped, how are those far-away Facebook “buddies” going to help you out?  So, get OFF Facebook and make MORE friends for real now, and, STOP getting TRAPPED in the MYTH of Kudos already…









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