For the Sakes of Fulfilling a Dream, the Piece of the Puzzle in Education Went Missing

Once again, this, is still, on the REFORMS in education, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

There had been so much storms, surrounding the newly no-examinations entrance into colleges, a TON of parents marched onto the streets, for their children’s sakes.  For the sake of the twelve years of continued education, the government had spent several billion dollars on upping the competitiveness of the community high school or technical high schools, to allow there to be better equipments, better teacher qualifications, so the kids everywhere would have that competitive edge.   But, even though the environment for better teachers had been set up, the roads to getting a higher education paved too, the counseling for the directions for the children’s future got started back in the middle school years, there is that one missing piece of the puzzle, the parents’ beliefs of the myth of honor rolls.

The entrance exams of the colleges are starting right now, and, we should start by telling the parents, to OPEN their MINDS up based off of how multivariate the questions are!

The Chinese exams had returned to the basics, but the questions are new and “alive”, there were a combinations of articles from the ages, to the current literary.  And, toward the multifaceted questions, there is an abundance of ALL sorts of reading materials, from novels, from poetry of new age poets, and, the essays from the current writers.  On the deciphering of older texts, there were stuff from the Tang, Song, Ming, and Ching Dynasties.

What’s even MORE amazing, that on the rewriting sections, the test questions used the song lyrics of pop music, anything from Faye Wang, Mayday, and the Band, F.I.R., it’d tested the students’ ability to apply what they’d learned, and, all of these abilities, are NOT gotten, by “squeezing” into the top-choice of high school, every high-end community high schools, in the Chinese classes, can manage to teach and train the students to be able to apply.

The parents worked their asses off, squeezing their offspring into the “brand” schools, wanting them to excel, to achieve, and now, having amazing students is NO longer the patent of those all-star schools, if the parents can ditch their old attitude, and choose a community high school for their children, they can still manage to create a good and amazing environment for learning for their high school age children.

Actually, the key of education is in the students, allowing the kids to save time on the commute, to spend more time on extracurricular activities, or reading for fun, allowing the school that they attend to be closer to home, so the neighbors are the kids’ classmates, it would add more to this sense of community, don’t give up on the near, because the distant is better, and kill the children’s senses of themselves, because that, is what everybody ELSE is aiming for.  The past few terms of our head of the Department of Education, NONE was from a namely high school, but, they’d done an outstanding job on getting their higher education, and job searches, along with in life too, and they’d in turn, miss their high school days.

The topics for the essay for the high school entrance is “Making a Dream Come True”, DO allow your kids to live their own dreams, let the education develop in multiple directions, to continue this fulfilling of dreams!

And so, you, YES, Y-O-U, STUPID parents should STOP believing that oh, “name-brand” is EVERYTHING, like in the U.S. where how the top five percent of high school grads are automatically admitted to state universities?  And, IF your child can be among the top FIVE in a so-so high school, but if you transferred her/him into a highly-competitive school, and her/his rank dropped to twenty-five percent, that would mean, that your kid won’t GET into that state college or state university immediately IF s/he applied, and is that what you want?  To RUIN their chances?  Yeah, I think N-O-T, but then again, maybe, I’m wrong!!!

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