The Father’s Day Present…She’d Libeled and Slandered Against Her Stepfather for Raping Her

Why would a child do such a thing?  To HURT the adult, or, perhaps, she just wanted a little more extra attention, perhaps???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A fourteen-year-old adolescent girl reported to the police that her stepfather had raped her long-term, but the D.A. investigated and found, that the adolescent showed inconsistencies in her statements, and that her stepfather had passed a polygraph, that there was NO evidence that he’d done what she’d accused him of, yesterday, the D.A. decided to NOT prosecute the stepfather.  Based off of understanding, the stepfather told the D.A., that the girl ran off and was brought back to his house, and he’d disciplined her, and she’d told him that she wanted to give him a father’s day present, he just didn’t know, that it was calling the police and libeling against him.

At the start of last July, the fourteen year old middle school girl ran away from home with her friends, the family called the police to assist in finding her, on July 12th, they’d found her in Donggang, Pingdong; the girl was taken home by her stepfather, and, on the ride home, he’d verbally reprimanded her, not long thereafter, the adolescent called the subprecinct at Haishan of Hsinbei City, and told them that her stepfather had been raping her multiple times since she was in the third grade.

The girl accused, that after her mother remarried, she’d moved in with her stepfather, and, the stepfather took the advantage of helping her bathe, of sleeping together, and molested her in the bathroom, in the bedroom, or on the car that he took to work with; the adolescent girl pointed out, that other than raping her, her stepfather also made her fellate him, and would fondle her breasts, her pubic region, and the reason why she ran away, was to escape from all of this.

The girl in the police station, said that she was molested or raped, twice a week, until last July; and when she was questioned by the D.A., she’d changed the number of times, sometimes, it was multiple times a month, sometimes, not even once a month.  And, the girl when questioned before, stated that in the summer and winter break, the number of time she was raped was one time more than usual, than, stated that it never happened for the entire summer.

The D.A. called up the mother and the maternal grandmother, the mother pointed out, that she and her husband, and daughter slept together at night, that she’d slept between them, and, for long term, her husband slept well, and the grandmother stated that she’d gone to visit them often, and would bunk with them too, and didn’t realize that anything was the matter with the girl, the family got along fine, and the girl never showed any signs of her being molested or raped.

The stepfather, when interrogated, told the police, that last year after he’d gotten her back after she ran away, said that she was going to give him a father’s day present, “I just didn’t think that it would be this kind of a present”; he stated, that when the girl was younger, he’d once washed her hair, but had never raped her, and that there was NO lock on the bathroom doors, and so, everything that went on inside was seen from the outside.

And so, you CAN see, how MANIPULATIVE this young girl became, and if she wasn’t steered in the right direction, god can only imagine WHAT she would BE capable of.


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