Rebellion is the Only Thing You Need Not Rebel On

The second part of the literary relativity, translated…

The South African Writer, Coatzee, in his “Enemies”, rewrote the famous “Robinson Crusoe”.  He’d written a female character, and put her on this island, and, took up the perspective of a witness, turns out, that Robinson was an incapable of handling anything, an INCOMPETENT white person, and the native, “Friday”, was a non-English speaker whose tongue had already been cut out.

The feminists and the colonial theorists would often use Coetzee’s tale, because in the past, women and colored persons didn’t have the right to speak, and, Friday’s tongue became a sort of a metaphor, symbolizing the right to talk, getting taken away from a person.  They both believed, that the language is powerful, and once you’d lost the right to your own languages, the suppressed can only become submissive, with absolutely NO chance of getting what one had lost back again ever.

I’m in complete compliance with what you said, rebelling, was the writer’s primary motive for writing.  That stemmed from the writer’s inability to change, feeling trapped, and it’s also because language itself is the most primitive form of rebellion.  Do you still remember the chewing gum commercial, “I have something to say”, from way back?  When we were younger, almost everybody WAS moved by this commercial.  I have something to say, so I must speak.  And, what I have to say, it may be what the adults, with the rights to politics, don’t want to her, it may also be something we thought that nobody had spoken on.  Whether it was mature or not, it was, a voice of truth that came from within us.  Isn’t it the heart that the writers carried at the very beginning?

Back then, we have things to say, but we couldn’t say it aloud, so, we’d written it all down.  Back then, there was NO blog or Facebook, the words we’d written are mostly stored inside our dresser drawers.  In order for us to be heard, we worked hard, to perfect our writing skills, and even so, there were only a miniscule number of us who are able to get published, outside of the school journals.

Nobody had heard MY voice, but I still kept writing, because writing a book IS a form of rebellion.  Rebelling against what?  Rebelling against ANYTHING that’s imposed upon us.  We don’t want to follow the rules of the authority, don’t want to follow the roads set forth for us by fate or the environment.  During the day time, we’d become truant, gotten into fights, gotten chased by the disciplinary officers at our schools.  At night, we’d locked ourselves up in our bedrooms, using the pen, to talk to the papers.  We put everything on the line, but we’d all practiced talking carefully, like how in the poem, “Say it All”:

Do Find the Voice Back, You Still Have a Ton to Say

If You Must Speak, Make the Dead Come to Life Again,

To Keep Living, To Wrap Up the Words and the Sentences Up

Writing is for the sake of rebellion, and, honing up on the writing skills is to amp up the volume of one’s voices.  Sometimes, we’d speak on other people’s behalf, but, mostly, it was for ourselves.  In rebellion, we’d gained our freedom, maybe, in a Forrest Gump kind of way, but we’d still won.

The writing during puberty is for the sake of rebellion, after we’d infiltrated into the adult world, then, we come to realize, that there are a LOT more things we need to rebel on, that, was the primary force for us to keep on writing.  A lot of intelligent and early blooming writers, quickly realized that there are other ways, and left this twisting and turning path.  Those who were left, most are somewhat dumb, even IF they’d managed to ruin their health, spent all their money, destroyed their own self-confidence, they’d still believed, that the literary world is their one and ONLY battleground, and, that every single act of rebellion, should be happening here.

It’s just, that those who believed this is declining by the numbers now.  As we’d gone into midlife, other than fighting our constantly declining health, we MUST fight the information technology age.  Everybody walks into the chat rooms like they’re dueling in the Roman arenas, then, we’d all become bees, with our separate quarters, now, everybody has two faces.  I got something to say, why don’t you say it for me, someone is bound to give me a thumbs up, and, just be careful, NOT to add your mother’s friend as yours.  If you don’t have enough friends, then, you can go to someone else’s pages to leave a message.  Who do we tell our sorrows to?  The people in the 21st Century NO longer have the thinking problems of Chekov anymore.

I’d often written in the cafés.  The cafés are noisy, rarely quiet.  It’s strange, when everybody is talking at the same time, even though the volume is loud, it’s NOT bothering me at all.  Because the voices and sounds from all over would interfere with one another, and, it’d canceled one another out, becoming a sound wave in the backgrounds.  Even if the noises are getting loud, I couldn’t hear any single thing clearly.  Instead, when there are NOT many people in the café, so long there is a table of customers, engaged in conversations, even IF they’d lowered their voices, the voices would still interfere with my thinking.  I’d sometimes listen in on them, and when I didn’t want to hear them, I’d have to put on my earphones.

In this world when the voices from the public is getting loud, but you can’t make out a single voice clearly enough, the new way of rebelling is a way of blocking out the speed and straightforwardness of the words.  I’m fearing speaking more and more these days, like how the stars would expand, and quickly become smaller again.  I don’t want my voice to get lost in the crowd, and so, I chose rebellion, and I’m constantly rebelling.  What we persist on, may be the next thing that the next generation fight and rebel against, just like how we’d reacted to the older generations.  What’s constant, is that we’re all fighting, rebelling, without the generation differences.  Rebellion, is the ONLY thing we don’t need to rebel about.

And so, in order to MAKE our voices heard, we MUST talk L-O-U-D, but, the problem with that, is that a LOT of people are trying to SILENCE us up, because the things we’re saying are NOT according to other people’s liking, and this, would be when YOU need to decide, whether or not, to BACK down, or to keep on fighting, rebelling against whatever it is you’re rebelling against, so, which’ll it be???  Rebel, or NOT to rebel, that, is the question!!!

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