Even if the Child Did Poorly on Her/His Exams, Love Her/Him Just the Same

A lesson in parenting, showing love and support for your child, even IF he’d not done well on something, translate…

The summers heating up, is the season for the hot examinations, the various entrance exams are coming up.  The expectations from the parents, the pressures the children face already, plus the hotness of the weather, there would be a LOT of unhappy families.

My daughter is in her last year of middle school, she’s on the train of the education reform, and, the examinations are turned over, it’d caused us, the parents, to be drained in the body and the mind, and we are all, very anxious about it too.

The day before the grades were posted, even though my husband and I kept our lips shut, but we could both feel one another’s worries.  And my daughter started having headaches, for NO reasons at all too, could it be, the aftermath of the examinations?  And so, I’d told my husband, “No matter what the grades showed tomorrow, we will both love her, just the same.” Still recalled how when I was a test taker, the bad experiences, back then, there are very little ways for someone in technical high school to get into community colleges, and, the day that my grades came in the mail, I’d opened it up, I didn’t get in.  My father glared at the grade sheets coldly, pulled down his face, without a word of console or encouragement, he’d turned away from me, coldly, then, left me, crying my eyes out, as if the world’s coming to an end.  The reason why I was crying, was NOT because I didn’t do well enough on my examinations, but my father’s cold and aloofness, and abandonment of me.

Back then, getting good grades became the way I’d gotten my father’s love, but, the real kind of love is unconditional, I love my daughter, whether or NOT she’d made the good grades, she would always be a treasure to me, and, the worth of the child is always way more important than the grades.

Parents, do NOT fall into the blind spot, and destroy the relationships you have with your offspring, getting bad grades is NOT the end of the world, there would always be a way, I believe, that you can use your love, to encourage your offspring, to dry their tears, to get back up again.

With the parents’ love and blessings, the children will have the courage, to face ANY challenges they may encounter in life.

And so, having EMOTIONAL support is still a very important thing, but, how many parents out there, in this HIGHLY competitive world, would NOT get upset when your child brings home a C, D, or even, an F?  And, grades still aren’t everything, I’d made mostly C’s and D’s in college, and, I’m still an OUTSTANDING person, and I know it, and that, is still NOT my HUGE ego talkin’ there!!!


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