Must a Couple Sleep in the Same Bed at Night? A Story on Marriage

Must we?  But, what IF we have very diverse sleep patterns, and you’re interfering with my sleep, and I’m interfering with yours???  Translated…

My friend, Ping, awhile ago, went on a trip hosted by the company, the person who set the whole thing up set Ping and her friend up with a smaller bed, and a married couple shared a large bed.

But, after the couple realized that there was the difference of arrangements in their quarters, they’d complained to the colleagues, and asked Ping if she was willing to switch rooms with them.  Ping replied, “It’s because you two are a couple, that, was why the sponsor gave the two of you a large bed, it’s only natural.”, the couple stated, together, “Must a couple sleep on the same bed?”, and this made everybody there feel awkward.

Should the couples share a bed?  Most people would answer yes.  But, with the emphasis on the quality of sleep, quality of life, this traditional belief need to be turned over.

Like me, shortly after I married, we’d realized that our ways of sleeping is completely opposite, my husband would turn in earlier than I, but, he would toss and turn, and think, for a very long time before he falls asleep, or turn on the lamp to read.  As for me, after I’d gotten in bed, sometimes, I have yet to pull the covers up, and I’m already asleep, and, our lives separated at bedtime.

Later, we’d decided to try it out sleeping in separate rooms, and, my husband stopped being an insomniac, and was able to sleep until light, and I no longer needed to hear his LOUD snoring, or to be awakened by his sudden turning over, and, we’d both have our free personal spaces, and we are in compliance with this way.

For almost twenty years, our love did NOT get reduced because we don’t sleep on the same bed, instead, we’d behaved like newlyweds from time to time too.

And so, there’s NO shock to know that the two of you needed to BE on separate beds, after all, you have your own separate sleeping habits, and sometimes, it would be easier, for each one of you to take up a separate bed, than to sleep in the same bed, and, wouldn’t it be better, IF you’re sleeping in separate beds, but dreaming the same dreams as opposed to sleeping on the same beds, but dreaming of different dreams?  Uh, D-U-H!!!

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