Give the Lucks of Winning the Lottery to the Children Who’d Lost Their Parents

Giving back, to help those who are less fortunate, a good example, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The kids who’d lost their parents, but can still feel loved and cared for, a winner of the Taiwanese Lotto donated two million dollars to the Children without Parents Welfare Foundation, hoping that it could spark up the cares and concerns from all over.

The foundation, for long term, had shown care and concern toward children who’d lost one or both of their parents.  The foundation stated, that there are a LOT of the children who’d lost their families who are in need of care and concerns by the community, and the number is far MORE than we’d all imagined.

The foundation stated, that there are at least over 200,000 children who are in need of care, based off of statistics, from 2001 to 2008, the number of children who’d lost parents increased by a little over four thousand, and the number is still on the rise, every day, there are twelve new members who entered the family of the lost family members, and, the number of children in need of assistance is still increasing by the day.

Feng, the CEO of the Lost Parent Children’s Welfare Foundation stated that from her many years of services, they’d come to understand the pains of the loss that these children experienced, and the foundation would send social worker, volunteers, and hosted growth groups, and using other educational methods, to reach out to the children who’d lost their parents, to get them better socialized, to help them developed better in all ways.

Feng said, the most important thing is for the kids to feel that the world really do care, and so they can slowly get out from their original states of helplessness, of belittling themselves, to face their own beautiful futures with bravery.

And, this woman’s donation had helped make the kids’ lives better, even IF it’s just by a little bit, a little bit of a difference is still a difference, and you NEVER know how far a single difference can go, so…


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