“It’s More Important to Teach the Children to Tell Right from Wrong”, Chang-Shou Yen, on the Reforms of Education

On the troubles of the reforms in education, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The CEO of the Not-for-Profit Organization Foundation, Chang-Shou Yen made a speech in Chenggong University, said, that a lot of parents are nickeling and diming in the newly reformed education system, in actuality, it’s killing the kids’ self-confidences and their chances of learning; to teach the kids to tell right from wrong, is a MORE important than making sure they have a viable skill to make a living.

Yen’s speech topic was, “You are the start of the change”.  He said, based off of a study done in the States, the top students of Maryland University, if they’d stayed in Maryland University after they graduated, by the time they’d graduated from their studies, their theses statements would be in the mid-range of Harvard attendees, but, if they’d gone to Harvard, then, they’d become the bottom half of their classes, and, their graduating theses would ALSO be at the bottom half of their classes.

From this, you can tell, that if the child’s grade is enough to get her/him into the bottom half of the number one choice class, then, you should allow your child to go to the second choice schools, to help them gain more self-confidences, to learn what they wanted to learn, and, they’d become more useful after they got out into the real world.

He said, that in the past, in education, the teachers tell the standard answers to the children, but they didn’t teach the students, HOW to go about finding the right answers.  Like in this information day and age, you can use your cell phones and find the answers online easily.  The teachers should give the ability to find their own answers to the children instead, instead of just giving them the right answers; in the past, they’d given out true or false type questions, and now, they should give them short-answer type questions.

Yen said, there had been ranting on the reform of the education systems, and there are a TON of problems that are surfacing into the reforms, they can’t decide on whether to make math an elective or a required classes, but, nobody has considered, giving the kids moral education, that, is what’s most important.  With good moral education, one can tell between right from wrong, and know what one should do.

He said, the influx of universities and colleges in Taiwan is already problematic, a private institution instructor wrote him, with a photograph attached, stated, that there were sixty students registered for the class, but only twenty would show up regularly, and those who show up are dozing off in class, and yet, the headmaster told over and over again, that the instructors should NOT flunk the students.

He’d stated, that Taiwan is NOT as good as everybody had imagined, nor is it as bad as we all believed, only when everybody stopped her/his judgments, and start doing something about the problems, starting with changing oneself, will Taiwan’s future be brighter.

And, the man is absolutely CORRECT, you’re just talking about how bad the system is (wah-wah-wah!!!), how your children are NOT getting into the schools that they are supposed to (wah-wah-wah!!!), how your instructors are bad teachers (wah-wah-wah!!!), all of this, is still POINTING fingers, and, IF you don’t CHANGE first, then, how can the world become different than before, so, instead of talking SHIT about the system, ADAPT to is, and, because the government is way too stupid (you can quote me on that too!!!), we need to give it the time, to WISE up, but, don’t know how long that’ll be taking though…


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