A Senior in College Lied About Getting Expelled from School, and Still Invited the Parents to Graduation, and Burned Charcoal to Kill Himself

Another one, CRACKED too, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A last year male student in Hsinchu, kept the fact that he had been expelled from school from his parents, awhile ago, he’d invited his parents and older brother to go to his graduation, the family arrived in Hsinchu from Taipei with ecstasy yesterday, and they found him dead at his rental place, he’d burned charcoal and committed suicide, the parents cried their eyes out, as they saw their son’s dead and cold body.

The family sorrowfully told the police, that they only knew that their son had little interest in what he was studying in, he was preparing to transfer to another major, they just didn’t know that his plans didn’t fall through, didn’t know that he was expelled from school.

The police found, that the graduation was last week, not yesterday, and suspected that the student, Lin, didn’t know how to face his family and tell them about him being expelled, that, was why he’d taken the easy way out.  The police had also found receipts, and tracked down the surveillance cameras, and found that he’d gone to a super convenient store to buy some charcoal on the evening of the nineteenth.

Yesterday at eight in the morn, the family drove to Hsinchu, but, when they LINED or called him, there was NO replies, and rushed to where Lin was staying, the father pushed the doors open, found that his son was naked, sitting next to the toilet in the bathroom, with his face down, a barbeque rack close by, and that the windows were all shut, the bedroom doors were taped shut.  When Lin was found, rigor had set in, the family called in the police, the fire department came to do CPR, and rushed him to Guo-Tai Hospital in Hsinchu, but, he’d still died.

Lin was the youngest of his family, is very loved by everybody in his house.  The parents told, that they had expectations for their son, but they did NOT push him too hard, and couldn’t figure out why he’d taken his own life.  The older brother of Lin told, that two nights ago, he just had had a conversation on Facebook with him, his brother said, “Don’t forget to come to my graduation tomorrow, and help me move my stuff back home.”, there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.

The school was regrettable toward the suicide, and found that Lin had several times, skipped his classes, and for two consecutive semesters, he’d flunked out of two-thirds of the classes he took.

And, this is still, another case of NOT meeting up with the expectations, because this student didn’t pass his classes, he couldn’t graduate, and he felt that he couldn’t tell his parents about it, and so, he’d committed suicide, another “strawberry” went SPLAT is what this is, and, there MUST have been signs that he’d shown, but, nobody was paying careful attention, and so, that, was why this was NOT prevented.

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