A Marriage is NOT Easy to Manage

Of course it isn’t easy, to manage a marriage, you MUST give it a TON of love, and room to grow, if you want it to grow well, translated…

Through the introductions of a friend, a foreign bride, Winnie came to ask for my opinions on some things.

In the process of our conversations, Winnie told me that she is in a bad jam, she’d owed sixty million dollars, and each and every month, she must pay at least a hundred thousand dollars worth in debts, other than her own living expenses, she still needed to mail the money back to her parents.

I asked Winnie, “Are you unwed?”

She said, “I’m married, and my husband is a professor.” I was shocked and asked her, “You are in this trouble, and why does your husband NOT help you out?” Winnie answered, “He said, that I brought it on myself, that I must deal with it on my own.” Later I’d told about how my husband and I got along, I said, “I respect my husband, and so, everything major, I’d asked his opinion on it, and, after he’d said okay, then, I’d go and do it.” Winnie said, “I get it!  From before I’d had three shops, I’d taken care of things on my own, I thought I was capable, I was truly, too proud from before.  I thought that I’m a good wage earner, I’d even told my husband, ‘you’re just a school professor, you can only do research, and nothing else!’  I wasn’t respecting him enough.  And now, I’d lost money in my investments, naturally, he wouldn’t want to help me.” I’d smiled and told Winnie, “You know what?  My mother was just like you, a macho woman, later, my parents divorced.  I’d seen how my parents interacted with each other, and I’d decided, that if I must show my capabilities, then, it would be away from my husband’s vie4ws, in front of him, I’m a princess, and so, everything, he decided.  But, my husband actually knew, that I have outstanding work performances away from home, that, was one valuable lesson I’d learned from watching my parents, and, this lesson came a bit too late for you.” I hope that Winnie can truly understand what my philosophy of marriage is, and hope that she could improve the interaction between her and her husband.  After this storm, and, they finally get along better.

And so, this still shows, how when we women become TOO capable, you LOSERS just CAN’T handle it, and, hello, hello, hello?  Why the FUCK (and yeah, so???) must WE dumb ourselves DOWN for you freakin’ egos?  And, who says, that we need you, you are the ones who need us, hello, hello, hello???  You LOSERS are NOTHING MORE than just a F***ING (maxed out???) T-A-D-P-O-L-E!!!

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