The Older We Are, the More Colorful Life Becomes

A step-by-step guide to aging gracefully, you CAN see it as that if you want to, translated…

Before my mother started going to senior community college, she’d focused her life around the family, and, the activities are interrelated with the family as well, her point of view is that so long as she’d taken care of everybody in the house, then, she’d done enough.

My mother who’d saved up every last penny and is strictly traditional in thought, puts her family first, but, since she’d had an extra “identity” of a “student”, her life started taking on a new face.

At first, it’s Shu-Mei who’s in charge of the religious activities in her class, she’d often asked my mother to go along with her, and, even though, traveling to and from places is sometimes tiresome, but, you’d get that spiritual growth.  At the same time, my mother had promised to be the volunteer of the class, and, she’d offered her services once a week, it’d not only allowed her to feel that it’s better to give, it had also made her social circle grow larger.  And, the groups from her class would head out on outings, to make their own specialty dishes, to take on picnics; or to go sing karaoke, to spend a wonderful afternoon together.  The life after retirement, because learning had filled up her spare time, it’d made her life more colorful.

Last year my mother went to the office of the man in charge of her borough, and, just so, that the person in charge of our neighborhood moved to another place, and, the man in charge of the borough couldn’t find anybody to fill the position.  And, because of serendipity, the man in charge of the borough had gotten the okay from my mom, and my dad became the man in charge of our street, and the two of them started assisting with everything big and small in the neighborhood, the workload wasn’t heavy, the most important task was make sure that the neighbors communicated well.  One day, my mother was in the office, having a conversations with the wife of the man in charge of her borough, she’d recommended her to become a volunteer at the police subprecinct.  And, as she’d come home and asked our opinions, I was supportive completely, after all, at the age that my mother’s at, she can still give back to the world, I’m truly happy for her.

Because of my mother’s entering the field of learning, she’d gotten colors in her life, and it’d boosted her confidence too, and now, she’d busied herself about from a day to day.

And so, this, would be ONE way to prevent deterioration, staying ACTIVE, and, the woman had only a small social circle from before (her family) she’d gone to community college to take her classes, and that just shows you how IMPORTANT it is, to remain ACTIVE throughout your elderly years.

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