The Life that Even the Fortune-Tellers Can’t Tell Correctly On


I have a friend who tells other people’s fortunes.

On a certain year, I’d met some issues, I’d talked about this with my friend, he suggested that I could go see a fortune-teller to talk it out, strictly for reference’s sake, to set my own mind at ease, and to take it as I will.

In his past, he’d met up with similar questions posed to him, and due to serendipity, he’d known of this fortune-teller—who’d worked at an architecture firm on a regular basis but would answer the questions that his friends have on their lives.  My friend kept stressing that the couple of times he’d gotten read by this man, that the suggestions that the fortune-teller gave him was absolutely correct.

The Thought Was Put Out by the Fortune-Teller

I deeply believed, that if there are issues you must seek out fortune-tellers to decipher for you, then, that would be you, making an escape for yourselves, to NOT deal with the issues, or that you are NOT set on solving your own problems.  But, there are moments where you don’t know which way to turn, that you MUST turn to the supernatural, to find that peace of mind.  And so, later, I’d had a couple of encounters with this fortune teller, to help with the issues in my life.

In the spring of 2013, I was crushed by my work.  It’s my ninth year, starting my own business, the fatigue had built up through the years, I desperately needed an exit, a long overdue vacation.

“If I don’t take time off abroad, I may die”.  I kept hearing this voice on the inside telling me.  But, thinking things through, calming myself down, facing the facts, I can’t make the time to take time off, to take a long overdue vacation.

These two sounds kept pulling and tugging on me inside, even with ALL the realities, flat out before my eyes, I just refused to give in, and so, I’d made an appointment with this fortune-teller that was introduced by a friend, wanted to see if an answer would magically appear.

Rather than stating that I believed in the fortune-teller, it’s more to change my heart to cold, to face UP to the facts.  Just as I’d expected, the man told me, that it wasn’t a time for me to travel abroad, wanted me to give up on thinking it.  After hearing that, I was distraught, but I still wouldn’t want to give up, I’d kept asking him, if there’s any possible way, for me to go.

Finally, he’d had it, he’d clearly told me, “After the Mid-Autumn Festivals, there may be a chance for you, but, if you still wanted to go aboard, you had best put this thought out of your mind for right now, and just wait until then.”  That, was when I’d finally accepted it, and I was NO longer stressed out about when I was able to leave.

The two or three months following that, I could actually face everything that work threw at me, and rarely did the thought of making my escapes abroad came to mind.

Until August, seeing how Mid-Autumn Festival is almost here, and the new book that my company was planning on publishing had some trouble, and they’d had to move it back a couple of months, I’d had two spare months, and so, the thought of going abroad to visit came back up again.

Took out my notebook, sorted through the notes I’d taken of what the fortune-teller told me, I wanted to be sure, when he’d told me the time was.  And, when I saw, “wait until AFTER Mid-Autumn Festivals”, I felt that cold bucket of water poured all over my head.  Closed the notebook, I’d started calculating, if I don’t go out before the date, maybe, I’ll miss out on this big chance.

You Decide Which Direction Your Life Will Take in the Future

This time, I wasn’t going to give up that easily.  And so, I’d evaluated everything, and kept trying to move forward.  First, I’d collected the information on traveling, and found a couple of friends who had the experiences to talk to, understanding the process, then, finding the right agencies.

And, I’d sorted through everything, and picked Boston, because it’s a historical city in the U.S., it’s also where Harvard was located, and there’s this cultural atmosphere floating around it; and because I had someone I knew, I could live with.  And so, I’d quickly found the programs, and, based off of their three suggested schools, I’d asked the opinions of the friends I have in Boston.

In waiting to see if there are openings in the classes that start in October, I’d started searching for airfare.  And told myself, this, is giving in to fate!  And, if in the process, something didn’t go through, maybe, it’s because it’s NOT time for me to head out yet.

It’s just that, step by step, as I’d moved forward, I’d found, that everything went smoother as I’d hoped, and, it was just a foot away.

I’d thought about finding that fortune-teller for some last minute advice to give me a peace of mind, but, this thought slowly faded out.  During that time, I’d made up my mind, told myself, no matter what, don’t go find the fortune-teller this time!  

And so, this, is what happens, when you’d become too reliant on the words of those fortune tellers, the fortune tellers may clarify things for you, but, after one question was answered, you have another, and after the next was answered, you’ll have yet, another, and another, and it just never ends, and, this person finally decided to take ACTION, a step toward what he wanted to do in life, and that just shows, that no matter what the “experts” said, you’re still the one, with the DECISIONS to make for your own lives.

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