The Couple Argued About Their Divorce and Disregarded Their Three-Months-Old Young Daughter, They Were BOTH Sentenced

Bad parenting behaviors here, meaning, this, is a what NOT to do, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Hsu got into an argument with his wife, went to the courts to get their divorce settled, but didn’t manage, because they couldn’t decide who should be responsible for raising their three-month old young daughter, they’d gone from the negotiation rooms in the courthouse to the outside; the child’s maternal grandmother was so mad from watching that she’d placed the baby in the ditches, and they’d both left the scene.  The Kaohsiung District Courts sentenced the couple to ten months in prison, which they are to serve three years from now, because of abandoning their child, and, they are both made to pay a fine of $30,000N.T. each to the Treasury Department.

The verdict stated, that Hsu and Chen had four children, last November, they’d negotiated divorce, they’d gone to the youth and family court in Kaohsiung to settle the matter, and, at the evening, they’d walked out from the courthouses, still heated, and still fighting hard, the maternal grandmother of the child who was holding the baby screamed at them, “then, I’ll leave her right here then!”, left the baby on the plate that covered up the sewage systems.  The bailiff tried to stop her from doing this, but, both parties left, without turning back.

The bailiff carried the baby back into the courthouse, and, not long after, the maternal grandfather brought the change of clothes to the court house, left the items on the scanners outside the courthouse, without the intentions of getting his granddaughter back.  The bailiff called the police, and, the baby was sent to foster care by the social services department in Kaohsiung.

Hsu stated, that when the child was a newborn, his in-laws had dropped her off in front of his house, later, they’d taken her away; and, as they left the courthouse, he thought that his mother-in-law was doing it again to threaten him, without knowing, that she did it for real this time, had he known, he would’ve come back for her.

The D.A believed, that if Hsu and Chen, as the child’s parents, and still they’d left their daughter defenseless and exposed, and they were charged based off of abandonment; the judge, after his own investigations, found, that they had broken the law, because they were under economic pressures, that they didn’t really intended to abandon their offspring, plus, they’d admitted to wrongdoing, allowed them to serve their time delayed.

But, because the two of you couldn’t DUKE it out, you’d taken it out on your offspring?  Are you FUCKING kidding me?  The child would BE better OFF in foster care, I mean, at least, in foster care, she’d have some extent of stability, wouldn’t she???

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