So Long as You Have the Right Directions, the Advices to the Angered Parents: Do Give Your Children Some Space

The kids aren’t even getting angry, and you, parents, are getting ALL worked up???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

I have two daughters, my eldest goes to NTU, my younger child is preparing to take the college entrance exams now.  At the time of the tests, their scores are high enough, to get them into their first choices of school, but they’d both picked high schools closer to home, because they knew, that they’re the ones who are responsible in their studies, NOT someone else, and so, neither had gone to any cram school sessions.

Compared to their first choice, they saved up about two hours of commute time, and, they get to sleep until they’re fully rested, and they’d eaten their breakfast with ease, and then, take that leisure walk to campus, very healthy, very easy.  At noontimes, they also got to enjoy the delivered meals from home.  Sometimes, when they’d forgotten something, they’d given us a call, and, we could bring it to them in five minutes, and, if it rained, we would also bring them their umbrellas.

The two kids told me, that it’s convenient, going to school like this, that the instructor taught within a certain criteria, and, the rest, they must find out on their own.  Other than studying for school, they’d spend a lot of time on extracurricular activities, and, from time to time, we’d get to enjoy the beautiful music that they’re practicing, it’s the result of the practices they’d done in their separate extracurricular activities.

I’d often thought, if my daughters had gone to their first choices of schools, would they have such happy days?  And maybe, they may be crushed by the academics and become emotionally unstable.  And, whenever I’d thought about this, I’m glad of the choices they’d made for themselves.

I wanted to console the parents who are anxious or angry, that getting into the TOP schools of your choices may NOT be a guarantee for success, give the kids more space, so long as they are able to find the right directions, their lives are still filled with hope for the future.

And so, this mother had allowed her children to just BE, and, she did the right thing too, by NOT pushing them to attend those TOP schools, after all, getting into the top schools still doesn’t guarantee a SPOT in the top colleges, that, you’d have to work hard for on your own.


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