An Abused Woman Became a Volunteer to Help End Domestic Violence

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

Domestic violence usually causes the destruction of a family unit.  The Domestic Violence Prevention Center’s manager, Wu stated, that the Anti-Domestic Violence Bee Program went out from Banciao, and the volunteers are all trained on the basics, they’d gotten the information on prevention and spread it back to the community, and, when they’d meet up with an individual who required the assistance, they could offer it to them, to help resolve a LOT of the issues in the family.

Wu stated, that this year, the volunteers who helped out are mostly made up of abused women, after they’d left their difficult lives behind, they’d used their own examples, not only had they helped those who were abused walk out of the gloom, they’d also imprinted the information of domestic violence in the minds of the general public.

The forty-three year old Wen (a false name) a year after she married her ex, started having arguments because of their business ventures, and, the arguments exacerbated into abuse, he would choke her, grabbed her hair and rammed her head against the walls, keeping her at home the next day when she had to work, and the kids’ hearts ached for their mother too, and in the end, they’d signed their divorces, without knowing, that her ex had used her name, and took out a loan of over three million dollars.

Wen said now, her wages is only a little over $10,000N.T. a month, and she still needed to raise her three young kids, but she said, that she’d gotten away from the days of being abused, and, no matter how hard life gets, she still feels good about it, that she wanted to use her own example, to help other women who are in a similar jam as she was.

And so, this woman turned her own abuse into an example, and now, she helps other women in the same jams, and it takes a LOT of strength to do that.


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