A Life Wasted Away on Plans

His was, a life wasted away on plans, for he’d been making plans ever since he was little, because that, was what his parents raised him by, and he never even realized, that making those stupid plans actually interfered with how his life was supposed to go…

A life wasted away on plans, it’s really very sad, from birth, to going to school, graduating college, getting into grad school, graduating grad school, going into the world, finding a job, finding a wife or a husband, and having tons of little DEMONIC kids, and then what?  You lie in your beds and WAIT for death?

A life wasted away on plans, think how many things you can experience, had you NOT squandered ALL that precious time away on making those god DAMN plans, and, did any of your plans actually worked out?  Of course N-O-T!!!

A life wasted away on plans, that would be how you’d lived, NOT how I will BE living from here on out, because I’d made plans, and, in the end, fate still won out, and so now, I let fate take charge of the wheel, and I’m still riding, on the passenger side, enjoying the scenes as they (the scenes???) flew quickly by………

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