The Story of the Happiness Fund


My community college lecturer was invited to China to give a speech, his schedule was jam-packed, he’d never stopped to take a breather, it’d gotten him a splitting headache.  One day, he had some stolen time and went out for a stroll, he saw a man, with half a head, as a street performer, and the donation box had the label “Happiness Fund” on it.  And, all the passersby had generously given to him, but, most had just tossed the coins into the box, then, ran off in a hurry, nobody dared to look at him closely, there was a high school student who’d threw him his entire wallet, then, ran like the wind, as if he’d just seen a ghost.

My professor went up to him, placed the money in, and carried on in conversations with him, and commended him on how well he’d played, and that even though he had physical deformities, he’s unafraid to live in the light, that he is a brave man.  The person smiled, and pointed to his donation box, said, “yes, I’m a very lucky man, with so many who hears my music.”  Hearing this, my professor’s heart was filled with emotions, and that, was the first time that he felt so lucky, that he could carry his entire head as it ached.

“We would, often see, in someone else’s eyes, unsuspectingly, how blessed we truly are.”  My community college instructor told us.  I recalled my good friend, Fang-Ping, she also has a story of a happiness fund from her side of the family, that moved me.

Fang-Ping’s youngest sister was born deformed, a slanted face, a twisted mouth, can’t speak words clearly, with a total of just six fingers on both hands, and had several toes missing too.  Her mother blamed herself for taking medications during the pregnancy that it’d affected her child, she was in deep regrets, especially after her divorce, she’d become totally depressed, and before age forty, she’d died, and, before she died, she’d called her five children to her side, cried, as she’d asked the children, to take care of this youngest child, whom she’d owed the most this life.

Because her youngest sister is physically handicapped, she’d gotten weird looks in school, and after middle school, she didn’t want to continue her education, and would rather stay at home.  Later on, as the siblings started working, they’d agreed, to set aside an amount, and to wire the amount into their baby sister’s account, as a care fund for her forever, and even after they’d grown up and had separate families, they’d still kept doing this.  Sometimes, their husbands or wives would have something to say about it, but they’d still set aside the amount just the same.

The youngest sister who’s ashamed of the way she looked stayed single, and lived a plain life.  Fang-Ping told me, that everybody keeps the promises to their mother, to set up this happiness fund, giving their baby sister who is never to marry security for life, and now, even her son, who’s in college and part-timing wanted to be a part of it, she naturally had agreed.

Passing down the compassion, and, the followers keep on following, Fang Ping is feeling at ease now.  The goal of their “happiness fund” is, “The MORE you’d given, the MORE happiness you’d receive”, who’s to say it isn’t so?

And so, this all started, as a caring for the baby sister’s life, and it’d gotten transferred on down the line, from the grandparents’ generation, to the parents’, and now, the grandchildren’s too.  This, is how kindness is passed on, from one generation to the next…

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