Says Who You Must be the Head of Your Class, the Parents’ Attitudes are the Keys

Education of the YOUNGER generations, and this, is placing TOO much stress on their learning processes, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

With the setting into place of the twelve years of primary education, the examinations happening, to filling out the major cards, the parents, along with the kids, are both filled with anxiousness.

But, the parents can show their concerns, speak freely, even criticize the current education reforms, but when faced with the children, the parents should accompany and care and encourage the children more, to teach their offspring how to think positively, to do what they’re supposed to do, and to NOT let the grown-ups’ anxieties to affect the kids.

Actually, it’s happening in the world all over, NO matter which admission ways are used, there would be a SET of rules, and, there’s NO set of rules that can appease to everybody, there would always be noises, and, do we want our kids to stand still, or, would we want them to take that first step outward bravely?

Good grades=good jobs=good lives?  Is this the right kind of values?  Those who didn’t get into the top girls’ or boys’ high schools, does that mean, that their lives are ruined?  We should ask ourselves, is this our own vanity expectations, or, is it truly what our kids wanted?  Every child has a different level of understanding, they do NOT need to compete with one another, we MUST understand the abilities of our own children, so long as they’d done their best, then, we should give them the encouragements and commends, to play the role of guidance, and NOT dominance.

Last year, due to chance, I’d gone to the Mayday Concert movie of Noah’s Ark, the lead singer, Shin said in a soliloquy toward the end, “Since I was younger I keep on hoping to become someone special, I wanted to be unique, but, I’d never scored first on my examinations, never; and, on my speech competitions, I’d not done well at all, and then, as I’d signed up for the choir, they’d kicked me out too.  Then, finally, one day, I think I’d found something I CAN do well, and this is called “playing music”.

I’m lucky, because I’d never been a lead singer who can really sing, I’m NOT a really good lyricist who wrote lyrics either, nor am I a composer who composed well, even when I’m on stage, and is about to get everybody to dance with me, I’d never succeeded at that either.  But, I know, that I’m especially lucky, because whenever I’d done a bit well, my friends………you are ALL very supportive of me…

Yeah sure, who SAYS that we must score the highest or rank AT the top?  Parents need not hold exceeding expectations for the children, if you can give the child a little more praises when s/he does something, then, maybe, s/he can SHINE on that task.  Other than asking your children to live UP to your expectations, why not ask him to be unique instead; rather than keeping your kids to yourselves out of your selfishness, why not let them go out there, and make more friends?  Just let go!  I believe, that the kids who are excellent will stay excellent forever, and they would NOT be beaten because there’s a change in the systems, and, there’s nothing wrong with being a bit slower, the Taiwanese saying of “Eating fast will break the bowl”, don’t push them to the end, that they’d come up empty, and all that would be left, would be the regrets, and the self-blame on yourselves, parents.

And so, parents, STOP pushing your kids, just let them be, because everything HAS its own timing, and, IF Little John or Little Jane hadn’t spoken their first word and they’re already over one year of age, so what?  Who knows, maybe when your daughter/son starts to SPEAK, her/his words will SHOCK the whole world, you never know!!!


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