An “Extra” Son at My House, the Interactions Between Parent and Children


My eldest was born in my mother-in-law’s house out of country, my mother-in-law and my husband both believed the claims of the fortune-teller, insisted on keeping my eldest at my mother-in-law’s house until he’s grown, until he wanted to come back to Taiwan to learn baking, after high school, he’d gotten into a foreign program from overseas and came over to Taiwan to further his education.

I didn’t take care of my eldest child when he was younge3r, and so, he’s not at all that close to us, and so, my second born and my youngest, I’d insisted on raising them myself.  When the three brothers finally got together, I’d observed how they got along, it’s quite interesting, actually.

My youngest had always been afraid of his second eldest brother since he was younger, because as my second child became a teenager, he was only in the lower grades in the elementary years, and every time he’d gotten too noisy, his older brother would hit him, until my second born went abroad to college, their relationship started improving.

As my eldest first entered into our family, he’d acted like a guest, and would NOT blame his younger brothers for anything at all, and would patiently answer his younger brothers’ inquiries, and so, my youngest was taken with his oldest brother.  But, as the time passes, my eldest took from his younger brother, started talking back to me, actually, I’m real glad to see this, because he did not treat himself as an outsider to our family anymore.

As my second child started his cram school in middle school, I’d met a counselor who was still a college student, I thought he looked familiar, the way he was so mischievous reminded me of myself when I was younger!  The cram school monitor had nothing but good things to say about this teacher, and that got my attention even more.  After I’d held a few conversations with him, I’d found that he was not only active, intelligent, courteous to others, and understanding, I’d told my second child to learn from him more.

After my second child graduated, this instructor had received his master’s degree and gotten into the army, we’d lost touch, until I’d met him once more by chance on MSN, and that, was when I got reconnected with him via his blog, after I’d gotten to know him well, I’d took him as my godson.

And now, my youngest is in the higher grade level of his elementary year, and his grade in English just never quite measured up, I’d recalled how my godson might be of assistance, and so, I’d “forcibly” made him into my youngest son’s tutor.

That’s real well, my house had three men originally, and now, I’d found an extra one.

My two older sons lived outside of my home, my youngest would study in cram school until late every night, and my godson would come to teach my youngest once every other week.  From time to time, when the boys got together, they’d ganged up on me, the only female, and I would have arguments with them, my house is so lively!

Everybody said, “daughters are fathers’ lovers from a past life”, and, so, sons should be the mothers’ lovers by the same way of thought!  I’d often exchanged words with my sons as if we’re of the same generation, and those who don’t know us well would believe that we have tension between us all, actually, my youngest son would still want me to lie with him and he’d asked me for hugs too!

As for that godson I’d met from outside, well, he was probably my son from a previous life!  Because he’d become more and more like those three boys I have at home now!

And so, that, is what harmony in the house looks like, and, even though the mother IS outnumbered, but she’s having a grand time, interacting with all of her children, and her kindness toward a stranger in worth mentioning too.

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