The Small Happiness by the Lake, Taking It Easy on the Weekends

Weekend relaxation time, translated…

A few years ago, we lived in a college town that’s very beautiful, there were beautiful scenes in the town, so very scenic.  But, even though we lived in this heaven on earth, but, we were rushed by our daily lives, as the adults worked hard away from home and the kids worked hard in their studies, there’s NO time for us to slow down and enjoy.

After the spring, there was a morning of a long weekend, we’d decided to head out by the lake for a picnic.  We’d prepared some simple sandwiches and fruits, loaded up the folding bikes, Frisbee into the trunk, and carried a couple of good books, then, we’re off.  We’d lain the blanket by the shaded trees close to the lake.  The kids couldn’t wait to take their shoes off as they walked along the lake to pick up pebbles, to make sand castles, and we would read our books, and hold easygoing conversations with one another.  There would be ripples from the small boats in the distance.  The kids worked hard building the sand castles and making the ditches, they’d come up with a TON of childish, innocent ideas, and helped cleansed us of our adult weariness.

After lunch, we’d started throwing Frisbee by the lawn, then, walked along the path of the forest.  The kids naturally loved running and stopping to explore.  They’d picked up the branches, pretended they were swords, or the magic wands, they’d attempted to save those endangered species of animals, or to turn rocks into gold, exercised their imaginations freely.

On the stage of nature, the stories evolved quicker and quicker, and they’d become more and more complicated too, sometimes, we the adults would get involved in their plays, all I can say, is that children are natural storytellers.  And this sort of great parent-child bonding, all I can say, is that they’re memories that made me smile whenever I’d recalled them.

Later, picnicking by the lake became something we’d set time aside for on the weekends, and it’d became the motivation for our hard working on the weekends too.  Even though we’d moved away from that small town now, but, from time to time, I’d still gaze out the window, recalling those wonderful weekends we’d spent by the lake.

And so, this, is a great memory, isn’t it?  Having the family together on an outing, and now, the kids are all grown, and, it would be hard for them to visit every single weekend, because they have their own lives to live, but you’ll always keep this memory close to your hearts.

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