When She Earns More than He Does

A BLOW on HIS E-G-O, uh-huh!!!  Translated…

My good friend Sunny, who’d become a wanderer in love, had been having troubles, finding her prince charming.  And so, she’d stopped the claims of “love is everything”, but she still wanted to meet her one and only true love.

Recently, I’d learned from her Facebook that she’d met her current boyfriend in English cram school, and was in this new love.  From Facebook, he seemed to be a perfect gentleman who cared for her a lot, and she’d enjoyed being spoiled by him too.  But, from our common friends, I’d learned, that even though Sunny’s boyfriend is a couple of years older than she, he’d followed Sunny’s words like orders, and did everything he was told by her.

As they marched toward living together as a trial for their marriage, the guy not only took care of ALL the household work, and he is a great cook, he’d taken care of the matter of preparing the meals, to allow Sunny, who’s had a hard day’s work to come home to a well-cooked supper, she’s living in bliss that’s for certain.  However, in the workforce, the man had set his sight too high, and couldn’t measure up to the demands of his profession, lacked a skill, and kept changing jobs, isn’t stable in his earnings, and still relied on his parents for economic supports.  Gladly, however, Sunny made more than enough, and she didn’t nickel and dime who paid more in the relationship.

And this showed the changes in modern day women’s view of love, being economically independent had caused some women to refuse to compromise, playing the traditional roles in the families, and chose to become the primary earner, to get more freedom.  Hopefully, with the changes in the world, more people will slowly accept that “man taking care of the house, woman taking care of earning”, Sunny can finally find her happily ever after.

Because the world is still way too SET on the beliefs of???  Oh yeah, you LOSERS (and no, still NOT name-calling!!!) should be the primary earner of the households, and, due to your fragile EGOS, that, is why this world is unaccepting of cases like this, and, there’s NOTHING wrong with man taking care of inside the households, I mean, which of you ladies would mind, coming home, to see your guys in their stupid little (fine, I’m S-O-R-R-Y!!!) APRONS, in their oven mitts, carrying that baked turkey from the oven and say to you, “Dinner will be served in thirty minutes”?  And, the roles of the genders are altering, because the world is still EVOLVING (yeah, it’s still E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N, you MORONS, no offense!!!), and, if we don’t evolve, then, we will totally become EXTINCT, and, unless you wouldn’t mind getting “wiped out”, you had better evolve!!!

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