Maintained His Silence

Yeah, that, was what he CHOSE to do, after all, “anything you say can and WILL BE hold against you in the court of law”???

Maintained his silence, because he recalled his mama’s teachings of “if you don’t got anything nice to say, then, don’t say NOTHING at all!!!”  Maintained his silence throughout his childhood years, as he saw his daddy, beating up his mama, and, he felt the hurt and the pains that his mama was going through, and he’d made a vow, that he will NEVER be a wife beater like his dad.

Maintained his silence, and watched his own child get raped by his own parents, there was NOTHING he could’ve done, even though he’s already a GROWN man, and he SHOULD BE protecting his own offspring, but, his parents WERE his offspring’s abusers, and how, is he, to stand UP to his own parents?

Maintained his silence, and, nobody can make him talk again, because he’d carried those deep, dark secrets, into HIS graves, and, we all know how the dead don’t squeal on the living here, don’t we???

So he will, keep maintaining his silence, as he’d never been a man of that many words, and, people had mistaken him for dumb (not able to talk, not STUPID!!!)…

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