The Son Killed at Random…the Mother Took Out a Loan to Send Money to the Family of the Victim

And NO, I still did NOT just make this up, it was found, on the newspaper pages today, translated…

A sixteen-year-old adolescent male, Chou, on the early morning of the first of May, followed a twenty-one year old college student whom he didn’t know, and he’d stabbed Lee on the back uncontrollably like crazy, and Lee is still in critical condition to date.

Chou’s mother tried to visit Lee at the hospitals but wasn’t successful, she’d cried to the family, and given them the amount of $10,000N.T. to say she’s sorry for what her son did to their son, but the family refused to take the money, stressed that they’d only want their son to get better soon, and everything else will be based off of the court rulings.

Chou’s mother, Wu took along $10,000N.T. in cash, and was accompanied by the man in charge of her borough to the hospital to visit Lee, even though, she’d missed the visiting time, she’d still stayed outside the ICU, and said she’s sorry for what her son did with tears running down her face.

Lee’s father said, that his son originally went to college in Hsinchu, and wanted to help save the money for his family, that, was why he’d transferred back to Taipei and took up part-time jobs, and he couldn’t understand, how he was brutally stabbed by someone whom he didn’t even know, “The way he’d stabbed my son is meant to take his life!”

Wu said, that Chou was the child from her ex-husband, because he was bullied in the elementary school years, he’d often thought that people are out to get him.  He didn’t continue his education beyond the middle school years, just stayed at home and played on his cell phone, without many friends, how was she to know, that he’d attacked someone as he’d gone out to get some food in the evenings?

As for the medical payments and for the damages, she didn’t know how she’ll make that, because she is a low-income household that’s registered with the system, the $10,000N.T. she’d taken to the hospitals yesterday, she’d borrowed from someone too.

And so, this MOTHER had a FAILED attempt in WIPING UP her teenage son’s A-S-S, and, the family did NOT take the money, because they are NOT supposed to, after all, their son is in CRITICAL condition, and, the stabbing happened at RANDOM, because the teen was in a foul mood, and that just shows you, how BAD the teens are getting these days…

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