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Relived Your Last Moments

You had, relived your last moments, filled with PAIN, because you had to live with that bad “bug” called C-A-N-C-E-R, and, in the end, they still couldn’t save ya!!!

Relived your last moments, that, is what you will forever BE doing, you will be “walking” in the ‘tween places, between the living AND the dead, in L-I-M-B-O.

Relived your last moments, but, unlike the “original version” of you from before, you do NOT get to DIE off that easily, NOT this time ‘round.  Relived your last moments, and you will continue, to run around, in that L-O-O-P that never ends, and you will spend the REST of your eternity (imagine how LONG that’ll be???) like that, your soul will NEVER find rest!!!

Relived your last moments, and now, you’re D-E-A-D, and, all those HIRED mourners came to C-R-Y for you when you died, but, your souls looked around, and, they don’t recognized anybody who’s there to “mourn” for you, so, what the HECK happened to the REST of your friends AND families, you’d wondered to yourselves…

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We Buried Your Childhood Clothes

We buried your childhood clothes, because you were kidnapped, and, you were never found, and, we, as your parents, are in desperate need of closure, so, we put your baby clothes into a small, child-sized coffin, and, we buried that coffin with everything that’s yours in it, three feet (b/c you weren’t grown yet, and we believe, that anything MORE than three feet would be too deep!!!)

We buried your childhood clothes, because that, was all we could afford to do, you are already gone, and, we MUST move beyond this TRAGEDY that’s happened to us both.  We buried your childhood clothes, along with all the memories of you, inside that small pine box…

We buried your childhood clothes, that seemed like the rational thing to do, and then again, death was NEVER about rationalism, is it?  No!!!  We buried your childhood clothes, hoping that wherever you may be, dead OR alive, you will be fine, now that you have something of yours, to take with…

We buried your childhood clothes, because the police never found your body, and, deep down, we BOTH knew, that you are already D-E-A-D, but, NOT a day goes by that I don’t secretly hope, that you’d run through that door, and say to me, “mama, I’m hungry, what’s for supper?”

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All We See are the Grades, What About Moral Education?

This, is the PROBLEM of the education system here, but the rest of the world can ALSO relate, I’m sure, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

There was the shocking news of how a school teacher gave an exam to her son to take first, reason being that the son wasn’t that good in school.  Other than feeling this wrenching in my heart, I can’t help but wonder: what’s WRONG with the instructors?

The examination papers should be “top secret”, and, before the examinations, the instructors must kept them covered up, to NOT make it available to the students or other instructors, otherwise, the test would have lost ITS fairness, and not to mention that this, would be illegal too.  I can’t understand how this instructor managed to get the test papers, it must be something with the security situation at the school then.

In this realm where grades are everything and moral education is unimportant, this sort of a bad behavior needed to be reprimanded, and the ones behaving not up to standards are the school instructors.  Reason being, there this atmosphere of comparing the scores flowing around in the schools, between the students themselves, and the classes too, and the instructors got caught up in the competitions too.  The ones whose classes performed well were dubbed “famous”, and everybody believed that those who were trained under the famous would perform well, and so, the instructors got put on that high pedestal; and, the unlucky classes, the instructors are already quite depressed, and they still had to get grilled by the school principals on their teaching methods, HOW would there be room for moral education?

And, the moral education is not done well enough at all, that, is what everybody’s saying here, and everybody ranted on how we need to rethink the methods of the teachers, or the systems, along with the parents and the students’ lack of hard work, etc., etc., etc.  And I believe, that what needed change, IS our attitudes, we must start losing the belief of “education is everything, and, everything ELSE is nothing”.

And so, the reforms in education IS needed, because you have teachers that STOLE from the lounge, so the son would do well in HIS class, and what’s that teaching the child?  That he can cheat and lie his way out of things, because HIS mama just did it for him, and this, is precisely W-H-Y the education realm is NO longer as well-rounded as it used to be.


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Two Ways of Making the Marriage Go More Smoothly

A story on marriage, translated…

“The real kind of love is when you still could love, you cherish it, and when it’s time to cherish, you start to love”, this line had struck a chord with me.

This would be my thirtieth wedding anniversary , and, my husband and I had NEVER had a fight, only constructive dialogues, because we knew, “it’s hard to build up, but it’s easy to destroy”.

My son had once said, with an exaggeration, “Your record can be sent to the Palace Museum to be put on tour now!”, examining this not short marriage, “Cherishing what we loved” was the truths we hold dear, and it was also the first rule of making my marriage work.

I’m a working woman who’s not good with money, I’d twice forgotten to take my ATM card out of the machines after I’d made my withdrawals, and both times, it was the banks that called me up to let me know, and since then, I’d lost my right to my own ATM cards.  But, I would NOT feel bad about NOT having enough money in my wallets, because my husband would refill it for me, and, he’d always managed to keep it at $5,000N.T. each and every time.  And I’d always have enough to spend, so, it did NOT cause inconvenience to me at all.

My mother-in-law’s house required that my husband pay a huge lump sum for living, ever since the start of our marriage, I’d kept the rule of “not asking, not bothering about it”, it’d allowed me to have two MORE important “wings” in this marriage: the respect and the trust, this, was my second key to making MY marriage run more smoothly.

Looking BACK at our thirty years of marriage, I’d cherished, and kept the mind of NOT nickeling and diming, to NOT fight, to guard this hard-to-come-by love.  Even thought, the process wasn’t always smooth, but I’m willing to give for love.  I’d often told myself, “everything in this life is made possible by the last, and in this life, we were together, we must cherish it, and we should NOT just BE passersby in each other’s life.  We’d often told each other, “This life time we were lucky enough to become best of friends, and we must cherish it!”

And, it IS with this sort of a gratitude that they hold toward each other that’s made their love even stronger, and that just shows you, that give and take, communication, are keys to a good marriage, oh, and NOT keeping score too!!!

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Grant Me a Wish, and I Shall Set You Free

If you’re DUMB enough (don’t know if you are or aren’t!!!) to FALL for that, then, you CANNOT be helped!!!

Grant me a wish, and I shall set you free, that, was what the person who’d stumbled upon the lamp, with a genie on the inside hollered to the bottle, and, because the genie’s been locked up inside her/his bottle for way too long (that it’d had an adverse effect on her/his brains!!!), s/he mistakenly believed the person’s words…

Grant me a wish, and I shall set you free, but, I will get greedy, because three total wishes just don’t seem quite enough, I mean, IF I could have this genie with me, for the rest of my life, then, wouldn’t that mean, that I can have a never-ending list of wishes come true?  And yeah, so, I’d cheated the genie OUT of her/his freedom, lied to it, without blinking too, and, it’d fallen for it, every single T-I-M-E too, and they tell me, that genies are among the MOST intelligent of creatures?  Ha, don’t make me laugh…

Grant me a wish, and I shall set you free, and only I, and I alone, KNOW IF I’m telling you the truth or if I’m lying to you, unless, you have an X-ray vision into my mind and soul, but you don’t, because if you do, then, you wouldn’t be STUCK inside that freakin’ bottle, waiting for someone to set you free now, would you?  Nope!!!













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Instilling a Sense of Panic

This, is SATAN speaking!!!

Instilling a sense of panic, well, that shouldn’t be that hard at all, look around you, don’t you see panic, rising UP from the ground already?  And, all I gotta do, is to add a little bit of this (magic powder), and, a little bit of that (an unidentified substance), shake them well inside of my F-L-A-S-K, and then, BOOM, HELL runs loose on earth!!!

Instilling a sense of panic, that, should be easy, as the recent events had already made the root of panic lower inside the human mind, and, all I gotta do, is to make sure that little sapling gets enough nutrients to grow up tall AND strong, and eventually, FEAR will be instilled, inside every single human’s mind.

Instilling a sense of panic, this, is very easy, compared to getting that sense of panic OUT of the systems, because once panic set up root, it won’t be uprooted, as the human hearts had already been shaken up, and now, they’re all way too fragile, way too easily shattered, and, all I gotta do, is, oopsy, be CARELESS, then, the world goes to H-E-L-L!!!

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A Demented Elderly Man Set Fire to the Nursing Home, Resulting in Twenty-One Deaths in South Korea

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

What’s happening TO South Korea?  The cruise ship sunk, the subways crashed, and, yesterday, there were two incidences of arson, including how an old folks’ home was set ablaze by an elderly demented eighty year old male, causing twenty-one deaths and eight injured, and, of the injured, six were in critical condition.

Even though, the fire was under control in thirty minute’s time, however, because the residents of the nursing home are mostly seventy and eighty years of age, and bedridden, including paraplegics and people with Alzheimer’s.  The ten patients on the first floor got out in time, there were about thirty people on the second floor, who’d died of suffocation or carbon monoxide inhalation on the second floor, and, one of the nurses on duty also died.

The South Korean press reported, that some of the patients had their wrists tied to their beds, and so, as the fire started happening, they can only wait to die.  The fire department and the related officials immediately stated that there’s NO such matter.

The police said, based off of surveillance, the fire may have been set on the second floor storage unit by the resident, eighty-two-year old Kim, and he had already been taken into custody.

And so, you still don’t think that it would be unsafe, for elderly to be left alone like that?  Even IF it’s in a nursing home, these sorts of things can easily occur, because NOT the staff, the nurses, or the doctors in residence can keep an eye on those elderly, and, the moment that those officials are NOT keeping an eye, accidents, tragedies happen, just like in the cases with children too.


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