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Two Ways of Making the Marriage Go More Smoothly

A story on marriage, translated…

“The real kind of love is when you still could love, you cherish it, and when it’s time to cherish, you start to love”, this line had struck a chord with me.

This would be my thirtieth wedding anniversary , and, my husband and I had NEVER had a fight, only constructive dialogues, because we knew, “it’s hard to build up, but it’s easy to destroy”.

My son had once said, with an exaggeration, “Your record can be sent to the Palace Museum to be put on tour now!”, examining this not short marriage, “Cherishing what we loved” was the truths we hold dear, and it was also the first rule of making my marriage work.

I’m a working woman who’s not good with money, I’d twice forgotten to take my ATM card out of the machines after I’d made my withdrawals, and both times, it was the banks that called me up to let me know, and since then, I’d lost my right to my own ATM cards.  But, I would NOT feel bad about NOT having enough money in my wallets, because my husband would refill it for me, and, he’d always managed to keep it at $5,000N.T. each and every time.  And I’d always have enough to spend, so, it did NOT cause inconvenience to me at all.

My mother-in-law’s house required that my husband pay a huge lump sum for living, ever since the start of our marriage, I’d kept the rule of “not asking, not bothering about it”, it’d allowed me to have two MORE important “wings” in this marriage: the respect and the trust, this, was my second key to making MY marriage run more smoothly.

Looking BACK at our thirty years of marriage, I’d cherished, and kept the mind of NOT nickeling and diming, to NOT fight, to guard this hard-to-come-by love.  Even thought, the process wasn’t always smooth, but I’m willing to give for love.  I’d often told myself, “everything in this life is made possible by the last, and in this life, we were together, we must cherish it, and we should NOT just BE passersby in each other’s life.  We’d often told each other, “This life time we were lucky enough to become best of friends, and we must cherish it!”

And, it IS with this sort of a gratitude that they hold toward each other that’s made their love even stronger, and that just shows you, that give and take, communication, are keys to a good marriage, oh, and NOT keeping score too!!!

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Grant Me a Wish, and I Shall Set You Free

If you’re DUMB enough (don’t know if you are or aren’t!!!) to FALL for that, then, you CANNOT be helped!!!

Grant me a wish, and I shall set you free, that, was what the person who’d stumbled upon the lamp, with a genie on the inside hollered to the bottle, and, because the genie’s been locked up inside her/his bottle for way too long (that it’d had an adverse effect on her/his brains!!!), s/he mistakenly believed the person’s words…

Grant me a wish, and I shall set you free, but, I will get greedy, because three total wishes just don’t seem quite enough, I mean, IF I could have this genie with me, for the rest of my life, then, wouldn’t that mean, that I can have a never-ending list of wishes come true?  And yeah, so, I’d cheated the genie OUT of her/his freedom, lied to it, without blinking too, and, it’d fallen for it, every single T-I-M-E too, and they tell me, that genies are among the MOST intelligent of creatures?  Ha, don’t make me laugh…

Grant me a wish, and I shall set you free, and only I, and I alone, KNOW IF I’m telling you the truth or if I’m lying to you, unless, you have an X-ray vision into my mind and soul, but you don’t, because if you do, then, you wouldn’t be STUCK inside that freakin’ bottle, waiting for someone to set you free now, would you?  Nope!!!













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Instilling a Sense of Panic

This, is SATAN speaking!!!

Instilling a sense of panic, well, that shouldn’t be that hard at all, look around you, don’t you see panic, rising UP from the ground already?  And, all I gotta do, is to add a little bit of this (magic powder), and, a little bit of that (an unidentified substance), shake them well inside of my F-L-A-S-K, and then, BOOM, HELL runs loose on earth!!!

Instilling a sense of panic, that, should be easy, as the recent events had already made the root of panic lower inside the human mind, and, all I gotta do, is to make sure that little sapling gets enough nutrients to grow up tall AND strong, and eventually, FEAR will be instilled, inside every single human’s mind.

Instilling a sense of panic, this, is very easy, compared to getting that sense of panic OUT of the systems, because once panic set up root, it won’t be uprooted, as the human hearts had already been shaken up, and now, they’re all way too fragile, way too easily shattered, and, all I gotta do, is, oopsy, be CARELESS, then, the world goes to H-E-L-L!!!

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A Demented Elderly Man Set Fire to the Nursing Home, Resulting in Twenty-One Deaths in South Korea

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

What’s happening TO South Korea?  The cruise ship sunk, the subways crashed, and, yesterday, there were two incidences of arson, including how an old folks’ home was set ablaze by an elderly demented eighty year old male, causing twenty-one deaths and eight injured, and, of the injured, six were in critical condition.

Even though, the fire was under control in thirty minute’s time, however, because the residents of the nursing home are mostly seventy and eighty years of age, and bedridden, including paraplegics and people with Alzheimer’s.  The ten patients on the first floor got out in time, there were about thirty people on the second floor, who’d died of suffocation or carbon monoxide inhalation on the second floor, and, one of the nurses on duty also died.

The South Korean press reported, that some of the patients had their wrists tied to their beds, and so, as the fire started happening, they can only wait to die.  The fire department and the related officials immediately stated that there’s NO such matter.

The police said, based off of surveillance, the fire may have been set on the second floor storage unit by the resident, eighty-two-year old Kim, and he had already been taken into custody.

And so, you still don’t think that it would be unsafe, for elderly to be left alone like that?  Even IF it’s in a nursing home, these sorts of things can easily occur, because NOT the staff, the nurses, or the doctors in residence can keep an eye on those elderly, and, the moment that those officials are NOT keeping an eye, accidents, tragedies happen, just like in the cases with children too.


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A Fifth Grade Boy Stripped His Clothes Off, and Leaped Off of the Building Where He Lived and Was Killed

Can you imagine the stress that this FIFTH grade kid must’ve felt, for him to do something so DRASTIC to end his own life???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A fifth grade boy from a certain elementary school in Taichung yesterday afternoon, fell off of the fifth story of his school, and died, he was found nude, with his just his left shoe and right sock.  Even though the police found NO note, they’d examined the scene and believed that there’s a high chance that it was a suicide; the D.A. will find the cause of his death for sure today.

The school officials pointed out in private, that there was a rainy day last week, that Chen took his clothes off and got drenched in the rain, until the instructor and the classmates called out to him did he come out of a daze, the child was immediately sent to the counselor’s office and his mother came to pick him up; the mother said that they had an argument about him not finishing his assignments two nights ago, but the counselor assured that the boy was NOT taken home “because he’d gotten under the rain in the nude”, said that yesterday, he’d still seen the child, washing his own eating utensils at the sink, that there was NOTHING wrong with him.

There were only half-days on Wednesdays for the school, in the afternoons, there was a seminar for the instructors, and Chen and his first-grade sister went to lunch with their mother, and was sent to the second floor counselor’s office to do their homework, and, he’d fallen off of the building.

The school official said, that yesterday at around 1:35, the mother went to attend the teaching seminar away from the counseling offices, at 1:50, Chen had fallen onto the pavement in the courtyard, and made a loud raucous, the mother ran up to see, and found that it was her son who’d fallen, she’d broken down and cried out his name.

The police found Chen’s clothes and shoe at the fifth floor fire exit, believed that after Chen took his clothes off, he’d walked up to the jump site, he’d managed to climb over the walls, and fell off; but because it was raining hard, the police couldn’t find any traces of him, having climbed over the walls, and can only speculate about where he’d taken the leap.

And so, what, can make this child commit suicide, I mean, he is, very young, and that just shows, how much duress, how much stress your kids are going through, without even YOUR knowing it, and, you call yourselves parents who know it all???  Give ME a break here!!!

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The Boy from Next Door Showed His Love for the Male Actor in a Creepy Way

STALKER ALERT!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The male actor, Chuang who was once in an ad with a namely model, and acted in a show, awhile ago, he’d received a love note from the son of his neighbor, and, ever since, he’d found, that he was followed, wherever he went, riding on the MRT, buying breakfast, he feared for his own safety and called the police.

Chuang said, that his neighbor’s son was in high school; recently, there had been news on how crazy the younger generations are acting “I don’t know what he’s capable of?”, and now, before the actor goes outside, he’d tilted his head, to make sure that the high school student didn’t see him, and he couldn’t sleep soundly at night either, “I’m already considering selling this place I’d lived for five years.”

Based off of understanding, at the beginning of this year, the high school student and his family moved in next door to Chuang.  Chuang said, that in mid-February, he’d found a letter in his door, it had, “I really want to get to know you.”, and, in April, he’d gotten one, “I’m in love with you”, “I really want to meet you, I hope you won’t turn me away”, and the guy had left his phone number too.

Chuang said, that at first, he just brushed it off, later, as he’d ridden on the MRT, and gone out to get his breakfast, the neighbor’s son would follow closely behind him.  And he’d considered that the boy was still just a kid, he’d told the incident to the boy’s grandmother, and asked her to talk some sense into him.  A few days ago, he’d closed his windows before he headed off to bed, but, when he woke up, he found his windows opened, “It’s truly scary, I feel like I’m placed under a microscope all the time now.”

The officers from the subprecinct paid a visit, and the uncle who lived with the guy was shocked, stated that his nephew is in class during the day time, and when he’d come home, he’d stayed inside his room, that he couldn’t understand why he’d done such things, “I’m truly sorry toward Mr. Chuang”; as he’d inquired about it with his nephew, the high schooler didn’t deny it, nor did he give a reason.

The uncle said, that these couple of days, he’d asked his nephew to go to the shop where he’d part-timed to stay, and warned him, “Don’t do it again”.  Chuang stated, that he only wanted the harassment to stop, and that he would be willing to give the child a chance, so, for now, he’s NOT pressing charges.

The Hsinbei Family Education Center stated that this high schooler came from a single-parent home, that he’d behaved like this probably because of his projection of the lack of paternal love, and suggested that he can seek out therapy from experts.

And so, this young man had a crush on this dude, probably because he grew up without a father, and with this absence of a male role model, he imprinted his own images of how a father should be onto this male actor, and, made himself believe that he loved him.

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With a Total Disregard for Their Ill Daughter, the Work-a-Holic Wife Was Made to Divorce

Unfit mother, translated…

A man, Hsieh believed that his wife is a work-a-holic, that she’d ignored her daughter’s hydrocephalus, and would sleep easily from night ‘til morn, he’d filed for divorce; the eldest daughter told, that mom would say, “I’m from NTU”, along with other statements, to hurt her, and that she and her younger sister are supportive of her father’s divorce with her mother, the District Court in Shihlin believed that the woman did NOT fulfill her duties as a mother and a wife, and didn’t introspect to see if she needed changes in her schedule so she could care for her sick baby, and allowed for the divorce.

Hsieh works in the technology industry, his wife is a stock broker; five years ago, Hsieh had mentioned divorce, but the judge believed that they’d only had a difference of opinion, and didn’t allow for it.

Hsieh said, that his eldest at age ten, because of a brain tumor, had swellings in her brains, needed surgery, his wife didn’t show any emotions; the doctors told them, that they should wake their child up three times a night to prevent comatose, he’d walked on eggshells back then, but his wife slept on easy, and wouldn’t trade shifts with him in waking up his child.  He’d asked along his second eldest sister and his mother to help, and his wife said, “One of them had just gone, and here comes another.”, and she’d even moved away, to evade her responsibilities of a mother.

Hsieh’s wife refused to divorce, said that the American company her husband worked for had great benefits, he had a TON of vacation time, and that because she works for an company that was set up here, the boss would NOT allow her to get off work on time, and had demoted her for it.

She said that her husband had an opportunistic affair while she was hospitalized, with a total disregard of how she felt, and that because she’s a sound sleeper, that, was why she couldn’t get up in the middle of the nights to tend to their daughter.

The social worker’s visits with the eldest had heard the child complained of how busy the mother worked, and how she’d had high expectations for both her and her sister’s grades, and would often tell them, “I graduated from NTU”, that it’d placed her under a TON of pressures; she’d also stated, that her mother would often brag about how much she’d earned from her stock investment options all the time too, instead of showing care and concerns toward her and her sister.  The daughter’s kindergarten owner had also testified how Hsieh’s wife would often forget about the girls, and that she’d once reminded her, and the mother stated, “Do you know how many cases I can lose in these couple of hours?”

The judge investigated and found, that Hsieh’s wife nine years ago was hospitalized because of cancer, later, she’d return to her job, that she WAS capable of taking care of her own child with her husband; she didn’t show any care or concern for her child’s conditions, and showed a complete DISRESPECT toward the husband’s family for trying to help out, that she did NOT introspect about her own lifestyle, instead, she’d moved away, to escape, the judge had granted the divorce.

And so thus, ends a day at the FAMILY CIRCUS, and, the woman was so fucking off too, she’d only cared about the sense of achievement she’d received at her work that she’d let her daughter slide completely, and, the husband and HIS family should pay for partial the responsibilities too, because it still takes TWO to T-A-N-G-O, or, actually, it takes ONE party, to STOP tangoing.

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Using Love, to Reverse the Hearts of Fear

Written by a Medical Doctor, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

On Sunday, I took the high speed trains up north, met my daughter at the exit, she was thirty minutes late, and she came rushing toward me, I’d wanted to grill her about the importance of being on time when she’d explained, in a panic mode, “before I’d entered the MRT station, I saw a man who looked angry and lost, looked around a lot, and, I’d recalled how the mass murders happened on the MRT a few days ago, so I didn’t dare enter the stations, until he was gone, then, I’d run into the trains, I’m sorry for being late!”, after hearing her explanations, I saw a group of police officers walked right by, and, the doubts, and distance between people now, I’d made me fill with mixed emotions.

Yesterday, there was a misreport of how someone hacked people on the trains, and how people trampled on each other to get away, resulting in injuries.  Apparently, everybody is still shaken up after the mass murder that happened a week ago.

About sixty years ago, I was born in Hsintien in Taipei, I lived in a wooden house built in the Japanese era, without the steel bars on the windows, without the fences, but, we had a TON of neighbors who’d watched out for one another, who’d taken care of each other too.

I’d still recalled how when I’d gone on walks or climbed, every once in a while, I could see that underneath someone’s roof, or by a huge tree, there would be a HUGE tea pot, with the words, “Come and Take Some”, with a couple of glasses around, and a couple of chairs and a table too nearby, and the owners who’d prepared this are nowhere to be seen, must’ve gotten up early to make the teas, to just allow the sweaty passersby to quench their thirst, to rest up for a short while.  And, nobody would suspect the teas for being poisoned or unsanitary, every time I’d taken a sip from the teas, I’d feel this warmth, and cooled down to my core, this, was the most basic kind of care and concern, along with trust, shown, from person to person.

There was a song, with the lyrics, “Why are the stars up in the skies crowded like the people here on earth?  Why are the people here on earth so distant like the stars to one another?”

I’d met three intelligent graduate students, all are from the same class in high school, and one of them mentioned how even though they’d lived in the same dorm, they rarely had the time to chit-chat, and that everything that they wanted to say to one another, they’d said it online, and, even when they’re hungry, they wouldn’t ask, they just keyed, “You hungry?” “No!” “When will you eat?” “At 12:30!” “Okay, that’s decided then.”  And none of them even turned their heads, with a TOTAL LACK of facial expressions, kept getting taken into their own separate virtual realities.  No wonder some had said, “Cell phones pulled those from afar closer, but pushed those close to you far away.”

After the mass murder on the MRT, everybody became insomniac, distrusting, unwilling to feel safe, but gladly, there are guitarists, fresh flowers, hugs and Teddy bears that came out in time, and it’d helped resolved the public’s fears.  The schools also had voices, the school from which the stabber came from staid, “Walk around, talk around, look around”, and, Chenggong University stated, “Chasing the elites, did we forget to show care and concerns toward the students?”

Let’s remember the lesson here, and help soothe over the pains with love, and, there should NOT be tall walls between people, instead, build more bridges, and, everybody, show some care and concerns for people around you, to turn over the society with love, so the world will be more friendly too.

And so, that’s something positive that came OUT of this killing rampage, and, the writer is right on the fact that the world is too filled with fears, and that we MUST get rid of the fears with more cares and concerns, and love, for each other.

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A New Born Baby Boy Was Placed in a Plastic Bag, and Dumped at a Super Store

Let’s see, we still may have a PREGNANT teenager who doesn’t know SHIT here, from the Newspapers, translated…

A newborn baby boy, yesterday at five in the afternoon, was found, in a plastic bag, abandoned in the storefront of a super store in Hsinbei City, as a foreign hired help was about to leave the shop after shopping, she’d realized that there was a bag on the floor, and found a newborn infant in it, she quickly took the infant into the nearby subprecinct.

The patrol officers asked the fire department division to take the child to the hospital, the firefighters, Chen and Chen wrapped the child up with a blanket to keep him warm, and checked his vitals, and, found that the infant had been wiped clean, and the umbilical cord severed off, but because this was done by a professional medical staff, the blood still seeped from the cord.

The police investigated, that yesterday at around four, a foreign hired assistant, Su was about to leave the store, at the basket by the doorway, she’d found a plastic bag on the floor, she went to look, and found a baby in it.

The police found that underneath the infant, there was a maroon t-shirt and a green white sweater, and it was small in size, and should have been used, to prevent the infant from bumping into the floors; and that the mother had dumped her child in a shopping center, probably hoped that he would be found quickly.  The police had already called the Social Services Department, and asked the OBGYNs close by, and will review the surveillance tapes, to see if they can get an identification on the one who’d left the infant.

And the child, after being examined, is in good health conditions, and, based off of his conditions, he should be placed into the orphanage, or, they might find him a family who’s willing to take him in.

And so, another kid gets ABANDONED, probably from some teen,, who knows, but gladly, this infant was found in time, before anything BAD happens to him, but that, is for JUST this time, what IF, next time, some other unfortunate child isn’t as lucky as this one?  And, this, is still all because those TEENAGE hormones are raging out of control.




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The Complementing Between Husband & Wife

Love is still a give and take here, translated…

My friend, Yi is a doctor at a namely hospital, because he had the expertise and carries a hardworking attitude, there are a TON of patients who filled up his slots on a daily basis.  Even though, he had busy schedules at work and often needed to go to meetings, but the sense of achievement from work that Yi got was keeping all the fatigue away.

Started back in college, Yi had a girlfriend who was steady with him, later, they’d gotten married.  Because the in-laws didn’t have a perfect marriage so, before marriage, they’d agreed, that the mother-in-law will move in with them.

And so, Yi not only needed to care for his wife, he also needed to be in tune to his mother-in-law’s feelings.

After work when Yi arrived home, he’d asked how his mother-in-law’s day went, and would help out around the house on his own, and, on the weekends and the holidays, he’d taken his mother-in-law, wife, and two sons out touring; sometimes, Yi had wanted to take his wife abroad, and his mother-in-law would step in, to care for her two cute grandsons, it’d made the statement, “a mother-in-law looks at her son-in-law, feeling more satisfied by the days”

Yi’s understanding and tolerance toward his mother-in-law, his wife saw, and felt grateful in her heart, and so, she’d treated him even better.  On top of that, Yi’s wife is more than kind toward her parents-in-law too, she felt, that being kind to her in-laws is a way of treating her husband with kindness indirectly.

The relationship between people should be based off of symbiosis, and, it is even MORE so between a husband and a wife, Yi and his wife is the best kind of role model of this.

And so, here, you see, the cycle of kindness, rolling around, and because the husband is kind to the wife’s mother, and so, the wife is even MORE gentle toward the husband, and his wife treated his side of the family with more than enough kindness as well, and, this cycle of kindness shall keep on rolling around too.

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