The S.O.S. from the Child

Paying a little MORE attention, translated…

That child is a third grade student who lives in the opposite alley, on that last row of small houses, she’d just moved here not very long ago.  Every day after school, she’d hauled along her backpack, go into the grandmother’s noodle shop, ordered a bowl of noodle soup, this, was her last meal of the day.

From time to time, when she’d finished with the food, she’d bring her own soup bowl to the outside into the sinks, and would even help taking UP other customers’ bowls and chopsticks, and, she’d waited until the shop’s about to close, then, wave goodbye unwillingly.

Grandma is somewhat troubled, because the child actively helped, and so, she wouldn’t charge her for the food.

This day, she’d come again after school, still ordered up a bowl of noodle sup, she’d eaten it very slowly, as if she’s stalling.  And, she’d still took the bowl, the chopsticks into the sink in the back, and helped wiping up all the tables, and, no matter how the elderly shop owner consoled her to go home early, she just wouldn’t.  And, she’d glance over at the elderly woman who owned the shop with her innocent eyes, and would lower her head, in the end, she said, in a shaky voice, “I don’t dare go home”.

Turns out, that back when she was in the first grade, her mother left home, and she’d followed her father who’d worked odds and ends.  The father was generally kind to her, but lately, he couldn’t find work, and took up drinking, and, every time he’d gotten drunk, he’d thrown things.  She’s so very scared, she’d always waited until her father’s asleep, then, she headed home.

Turns out, she’s looking for a safe harbor.

After the old lady learned the reasons, she was willing to help her father out, gave him a part-time delivery gig, and, he’d promised to allow the child to help out clean up the tables in the shop, to pay for her dinners.

The elderly woman’s act of kindness started getting talked of in this small community of ours, and, everybody also helped the father to find a good job.

The child, because of her helplessness, started behaving abnormally, it might be a call for help, we can choose to ignore it, and we can give a helping hand from time to time.  This, would be the best example, with everybody chipping in to help out, the result is finally well.

And so, the woman in the noodle shop paid attention to the child’s behavior, and, gotten to know why she’s behaving like so, and, offered a workable solution to her problems, and, that, is all it takes, a little care and concern, to SHOW that someone cared, and that, would help someone out.

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