The Profiles of a Bomber

Is it a man, a woman, a black person (sorry???), Asian, Indian, Pakistani, Iraqi, or whatever?

It might be surprising, for you all, to find that picture of the bomber who’s now, convicted of MASS murder, holding a cute kitten, because it just doesn’t FIT the “slot” in our minds for what bombers should look like.

And so, what, does a TYPICAL bomber look like?  Does he (what makes you believe, that bombers are all males???) wear ALL black and dress up in Gothic attire (with the black lipsticks, the black nail polish, in the black long coat, black boots?).

The profiles of a bomber?  There isn’t one, because, uh, PSYCHOS come in all shapes, sizes, races, age, etc., etc., etc., etc., so, STOP stereotyping people based off of the way they’re dressed, they looked, or IF their skin colors are of a different shade than yours, because there is NO set way that a bomber should look like, heck, for all you know, I may be a PSYCHO killer, with my long scythe (that’s left to me by Mr. Ripper, G???), HACKING people up right now…

Unless the dude or the dudette has a FUCKING (oopsy!!!) T-A-T-T-O-O across her OR his forehead that says, “hi, I’m a BOMBER”, then, don’t assume, otherwise, you would’ve SOLIDIFIED your names as ASSholes there, ‘k???  Yeah, uh-huh!!!











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