The Allowance of Half a Million Dollars

On marriage, translated…

My close friend, Ling, ever since she’d married rich, she’d officially became one of the “well-to-do ladies”.  Other than living in a huge mansion, enjoying the services of the maids, after having a son for her mother-in-law’s household, every month, she’d gotten an extra half a million dollars in allowance too.  But, out of all our expectations, just last month, Ling and her husband signed the divorce settlements.

“Why?  Had it been me, with half a million coming into my accounts every month, I’d put up with it no matter what!”, our friend, A said.

“Half a million dollar is NO small amount, it’s hard for me, to get just $5,000N.T. from my husband, did Ling BUMP her head and get a concussion?”, B chimed in.

As the friends started wondering, this gift that dropped into her laps, how can she just let it go so easily?

One day, I’d bumped into Ling whom I hadn’t seen for a very long time on the streets, after a conversation, I’d learned, that it wasn’t easy, marrying into a rich family after all.

Ling told me, that everything that happened in the house, she MUST report to her mother-in-law on.  And that she must behave in accordance to how the high end lifestyle requires of her, that if she doesn’t, then, the outside world will shun on her; she couldn’t even call up her own parents anymore, along with her former classmates and friends too.

What’s more outrageous, was that within six months of getting married, Ling’s husband had affairs, and, at home, he’d use verbal abuse and hit her too, but, as they’d gone out into the public, he’d acted all kind and all that toward her, pretended that they’re happily married, as for her children, the elders in the house stepped in to “take care”, and after their spoiling them rotten, they’d become too spoiled, and they’re NOT afraid of any adults at all.

And all of this, had broken Ling, she’d taken her beaten up body and her shattered mind, asked for a divorce.  For Ling, the monthly payment of half a million dollars in alimony is NOTHING, she’d rather have just FIVE minutes of time when she can breathe freely.

As someone’s wife too, I saw Ling, I got reminded of how easily I lived, that even though, I didn’t have the flashy titles, without the wealth, but my family is very tightly-knit, and we’d understood one another, encouraged each other too, and all of this, you can’t buy with money, and I was, all of a sudden, filled with a TON of gratitude.

I hope, that after the divorce, Ling can find what truly makes her happy.

And so, this woman, even though she’s married rich, she’s NOT happy, and that just shows you, that you should not just LOOK at the surface of things, and, that half a million dollar in allowance or spending cash is still WORTHLESS to this woman here.

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