Feelings of Warmth and Care at the Turn of One’s Life

Dealing with the diagnosis of cancer, coping, translated…

In September of 2011, right after my thirty-first birthday, as I was about to shine in my new workforce, and I was more than steady with my boyfriend whom I’d dated for ten years, with loving parents, I thought, this, is as good as it gets.

Without knowing, that life had thrown me a curve ball, and it’d rampaged my steady life, I was diagnosed with the second stage of colon cancer.

And because the cyst is just 3.5 centimeters away from my anus, the doctors had to remove my anus surgically, and, make the opening of my colon into my new anus.

After the opinions of four separate doctors, and six sleepless nights, I’d decided to accept this gift endowed to me by God, Cancer.

I’d gotten surgery to remove the tumor, after thirty times of radiation therapy, taking chemo orally for two and a half years.

Recalling how much pain there was right after the surgery, how the skin around my treatment area had hurt making it difficult for me to walk around, and putting up with the side effects of chemo, and getting used to my artificial anus, the hardships became like a dream to me.

From when I’d learned I had cancer to now, it’s been two and a half years already, and now, I still go back to my regular check ups, but I’d learned to hold conversations with my body, and be at peace with it.

Even though, after the cancer, I could NOT return to my original work post, and I’d become a handicap, but what’s more was that cancer had taught me what love is, with the care, accompaniment, along with kindness of my friends and families, along with the kindness, the cares and the concerns from the medical staff, it’d made me realize how beautiful the world is, it’d allowed me to see the rainbow, at the turn of my life.

And now, I’d become active in the cancer support groups, to share with others my feelings of going through the treatments, and I’d gone back to help out with the cancer scanning at the hospitals, hoping I can help other who get diagnosed.

Cancer is NOT scary, there’s NOTHING to be ashamed of for being a handicap, we MUST look toward to tomorrow with hope, because a brand new day is waiting for us.

And so, this, is what you’d arrived at, after you’d gotten better, and, sometimes, it DOES take something serious like this, for you, to realize which are the priorities of your lives, and gladly, this woman was able to find her purpose.

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