We Buried Your Childhood Clothes

We buried your childhood clothes, because you were kidnapped, and, you were never found, and, we, as your parents, are in desperate need of closure, so, we put your baby clothes into a small, child-sized coffin, and, we buried that coffin with everything that’s yours in it, three feet (b/c you weren’t grown yet, and we believe, that anything MORE than three feet would be too deep!!!)

We buried your childhood clothes, because that, was all we could afford to do, you are already gone, and, we MUST move beyond this TRAGEDY that’s happened to us both.  We buried your childhood clothes, along with all the memories of you, inside that small pine box…

We buried your childhood clothes, that seemed like the rational thing to do, and then again, death was NEVER about rationalism, is it?  No!!!  We buried your childhood clothes, hoping that wherever you may be, dead OR alive, you will be fine, now that you have something of yours, to take with…

We buried your childhood clothes, because the police never found your body, and, deep down, we BOTH knew, that you are already D-E-A-D, but, NOT a day goes by that I don’t secretly hope, that you’d run through that door, and say to me, “mama, I’m hungry, what’s for supper?”

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