When Fears & Hate Were Being Sold, How Can We Show Our Courage to Care

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The MRT recently started back up again, and the media made a big deal out of it, claimed that the passengers feel uneasy, riding on that “train of death”, and accused the MRT companies, “don’t you know that the Taiwanese feared this sort of things the most?”, at the same time, there was a story of how a friendly stranger started singing, to comfort the riders of the trains, and that they feel healed and warm.  The former was selling fears, the latter showed care and concerns, and this, became a strong contrast.

Because blood was spilled in the MRT cars, should it be tossed out, sold for scrap metals, or to get taken off the tracks?  The truth was, that the companies knew of the traditions and the superstitions, and so, after the evidences were collected, they’d sanitized the trains, and hired a Buddhist individual to recite the verses, to cleanse the trains; and, in the various cultures, this may seem as overly superstitious.  And, the government was already handling this matter like so, and it’d gotten misinterpreted as “causing people to panic even more”, “take after the current president, doing everything in secrecy”; DO ask yourselves this, who, is creating fears, who, is actually, selling the fears here?

After the random killing sprees on the MRT, it’d caused this huge SHOCK in the society of Taiwan, but, isn’t this like the killings of the recent University of California case, along with how the Japanese Singing Group of AKB48 under attack, they’re all unpreventable tragedies, and it’s something that we must face as a society too.  What’s important is that, if a society can face tragedies with a mature mindset, it could easily resolve the issues, calm the minds of the public, along with prevent future incidences.  But, unfortunately, here, the media seemed to NOT know its affect on the social responsibilities, instead, they are adding to the fears, and spreading the hate; in these couple of days, the police received multiple calls of copycats, claiming, “I’ll take OVER the MRT to Danshui”, or, “I’m going to do it on the high speed trains from north to south”, and, you couldn’t deny the effects of this sort of bad atmosphere.

And yet, there are just THOSE who couldn’t bear to see the society heal up, and, healing still takes a LONG time, and with those BAD people, it’d only makes healing that much harder, when we’re ALL desperately trying to put this behind us…

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