Books with Souls


I’d picked up the copy of “Books Found for Guests”, and read through ALL the expectations of book lovers, to tell the truth, the chance of a good math made is not high at all, it’s either that the books had been found elsewhere, or that we hadn’t had the chance to meet, and, unless ALL the cards are right, this service provided may be for naught.  Especially in a place where it carried an assortment of books, but NO duplicates, secondhand book shops, and because we’d just brushed one another by, we and the books, so, we’d taken great care of the times we’d spent together.

And because the bookstores would have books coming in at all times, and so, the process of buying and selling, is absolutely needed to keep the passions about the work, sometimes, the temptations of collecting the books outweighs standing in the checkout counters.  Every time the phone rings, and we’d made sure of the delivery dates and the types of books we’re getting, everybody is gladly, waiting the “new” arrivals, for us, books we’d never seen, we’d never read are considered to be new, if we had the chance of meeting their owners as they’d carried the books in, we’d become even more fulfilled.

In “The Shadow of the Wind”, there was a line, “Every book has a soul.  This soul, not only does it belong to the authors, but also the owners of the books too, the people who’d spent time with the books, to dream alongside the books, the souls that are left behind.”  This, is a very precise description.  A few years back, an elderly woman would ask us to pick up books at her place periodically, and, in the process, she’d disclosed things about her deceased husband, “He was not only into the arts, he’d loved collecting the artifacts, bought a TON of books on it, he’s gone now, and now, I know not what to do with the things.”  And so, we’d all felt this heaviness of how she was giving the books to us to keep safe.

And, there were those who’d treated the books they’d collected as if they were their own children, when our car sped into his driveway, and moved the books pile, by pile, loaded them up, he’d allowed the tears to circle in his eyes and smiled and told us, “It feels like I’m marrying my daughter, I just can’t bear to let go.”  And, maybe, there is a booklist that’s beautiful and thoughtful inside everybody’s mind, but, because of the various factors, they were rearranged and transferred from one hand to the next.  And, we are very lucky, because a lot of the books that were given to us, not only benefit the readers but it’s a sort of a faith, along with the heart to treasure the books, and, even IF the booklovers are unwilling to, they’d still given their prized possessions to us.

I’d once watched a family read a book from the series “Fourteen Mice”, and, it was hard, for me to keep my ecstatic feeling down in the quiet atmosphere, and, I’d started giggling, because it woke that deep memory of mine, “From when mom read it up to there, we were all very moved.”  From a distance, their eyes were glued to that page for a very long time, as they checked it out, the two adolescent girls claimed, “we loved the page where the family of mice sat down to their meal.”

When the books had the new eyes to stare, and, the soul grew once more, became stronger too.  And, how lucky we are, to be a part of that process.  And, a TON of unspoken and forgotten memories, through the reading of books, got reawakened, and slowly rippled, and then, became clear.

The book lover’s view, and, she is right too, because in those secondhand books, there’s NOT just the stories in the books, but also, the stories of the owners of the books, and, it makes you wonder, WHAT people would pick up certain books, like you’re picking that copy up right now.



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  1. I most certainly agree! 🙂

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