An Imposter Cousin, Helping Someone Out


My father-in-law, since his retirement ten years ago, other than watching television, he’d gone out on weekend strolls with my mother-in-law regularly, and other than that, they do NOT have any OTHER socializations.

I’d lived in with my in-laws for six years after marriage, and I’d finally understood why my husband and his younger brother wouldn’t go home to visit while they were still in school, because my in-laws became codependent on television, no matter where they were, they must have the company of television, in the living room, the dining room, in their bedrooms, they’d had this super-sized television, and what’s more outrageous is that in their bedrooms, there were TWO television sets, the big one, for watching, the small one, used as the nightlight, and, the television played on and on, the talk shows, the soaps, and because they’d never turned them off, they’d managed to kill so many television sets.

Every time the kids and grandkids came to visit them, the two elderly would start chatting with them, in the commercial times, and then, they’d gone back to their separate rooms to watch television.  Looking at my mother’s house, there was only ONE television set, in the living room, and, when we viewed it, we’d watched as a whole family, and we’d discussed the shows, to increase the flow between the parents and children.

I’d walked between the two households, and I’d come to the understanding that the atmosphere in the house is all too important, and so, since after we moved out of my in-laws’ place and started our own family, we’d placed everything electronic in the living room, including the computers too, to reduce the number of hours we’d spend on it.  And what’s more important was, that whether it be the cartoons, the news, or the ads, we can all talk about it together.

I hope, that this way can help keep the passions for interactions between the kids and the members of the family.

And so, the woman had compared the two families’ habits of television viewing, and decided to NOT go with the way that her in-laws did it, and that, is learning by watching.

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