The Parents Got Too Taken with Their Cell Phones, the Kids Learned to Become Aloof

Call it chain reaction here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

“Teacher, after I watched the nightly news last night, I couldn’t fall asleep.” “I will feel unsafe when I have to ride on the MRT from here on out”………these couple of days, I’d often heard the conversations of the children, filled with unsettlement and fear.

This event that SHOCKED the society had affected the elementary school children, made them fearful, and it’d damaged their psyche too.

After the events, there had been many discussions, and, other than being scared, the elementary level children had copied the words from the media, “Did you HACK anybody today yet?”, it’d made the instructors worry: the media’s detailed descriptions of the events had become something that the children modeled after.

On top of that, other than talking about violent games, we should also look into parent-child interactions.  The child had mentioned, “I’d ask dad to play ball with me, he told me he was busy, but I saw him playing games on his cell.”  If the parents are taken with the world of cell phones, and coldly rejected the child’s invitation to play, how, can the children NOT model after the parents’ behaviors?

I’d often seen in the restaurants, two to three year olds, playing on the tabloids, sitting quietly by the parents’ sides.  Can cell phone really replace the accompaniment of the parents?  Or, did it create a less emotional, a more distant next generation of children?

Other than, “How did you do on your exams”, “Did you finish your homework”, “Did you eat yet”, what’s remaining of the conversations between you and your offspring?  The parents should consider this: how long ago was it, that you had a heart-to-heart with the children?  Did you spend more time, playing on your cell phones than accompanying your offspring?

As an elementary school instructor, I suggest that parents spend MORE time, talking with their children, use a positive attitude, to help and accompany children through the difficulties in their lives.  The functions of the parents are irreplaceable, do NOT give your kids to the cell phones and the cram schools.

And so, this instructor’s worries ARE warranted too, I mean, a LOT of parents now are playing on their cell phones, and NOT interacting with their children, and, guess how those kids who were raised by those kinds of parents would turn out?  Will they, uh, talk to their kids?  Read them their bed times?  I think N-O-T, because children still learn from W-A-T-C-H-I-N-G their adult counterparts, and, AS their primary attachment figures (yes, I’m talking to Y-O-U: mommies AND daddies out there!!!), start paying attention to your offspring, and yeah, that, is an O-R-D-E-R!!!

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