The Mother Has a Man to Keep Her Company, and Spent All Her Money on Him

From a concerned child, a Q&A, translated…

Q: Ms. D who’s filled with doubts wrote…

She’s single, the youngest of three kids.  After her mother became a widow, the three siblings are worried that there would be NO one to keep the mother company, because all three of them worked, and the seventy-two-year-old mother is healthy in the body and the mind, and she’s at the time of her life when she’s enjoying her life, but she couldn’t find company.

At this time, the mother found a man in his sixties, they looked seemingly well-matched, like a boy and a girlfriend should.  Normally, this should be a happy event, but, Ms. D had a new concern, because the boyfriend seemingly didn’t have much money, ever since they were together, he’d been living off of her, and, the mother’s spending cash came from the three children.  Ms. D saw how the mother’s boyfriend was having a grand time, spending ALL their hard earned money, and thought about how hard it was, for her to earn it, she started becoming doubtful.

A My Opinion

I can understand Ms. D’s heart, to tell the truth, the mom and the boyfriend had gotten along too quickly, started going everywhere together, what’s yours is mine, as children, you will naturally feel doubtful.  First, a man in his sixties, he didn’t have any money, what’s THAT about?  Is it because he was out of a job from before?  Without a retirement pension?  Without any savings?  Or, did he fail in his business ventures?  There should be an explanation, to let the others know, that way, the children would be more at ease.  And, how is his family?  Doesn’t he have children to care for him?  How about marriage, or relationship with the opposite sex?  On this, I believe, that it is Ms. D’s mother’s obligation to tell her kids, and to know it herself too. Ms. D gave her mother $5,000N.T. per month, plus the money from her older siblings, if they’d given her a total of $15,000N.T. a month, it wouldn’t be too luxurious for two, so, the mother started using the cash from the red envelope from her kids last year, and this had alarmed D!  D isn’t supposedly worried about the money, but whether or not the man is really into her mother?  And, what might happen next?

And so, the mother’s dating, and, this man she’s dating is seemingly a BLOOD SUCKER, but the mother is in the infatuations stage of her relationship, she’s way too in love, to even think clear, and, the child should do as the advices said, get to know the man’s background, and then, if he’s really a bad person, then, persuade the mother to NOT see him anymore, but, we ALL know how words have little to NO effect when it comes to love already, don’t we???

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