After His Accident

After his accident, nothing was the same for him, he’d lost his legs…

After his accident, he became depressed, so much so that he couldn’t even get up and out of bed in the morn, and, with NO one there to help him out, he’d sunken, lower, into his own mind, where he just sat, and slowly, rotted out…

After his accident, he couldn’t even look at his amputated legs, he saw himself as having lost a leg, instead of having one useful leg still, and so, slowly, his leg that remained deteriorated too, and soon, he became, the man, without BOTH legs.

After his accident, there’s NOTHING more to say about that, after all, the accident marked his own death, except that he DID survive, well, part of him, at least, the UNIMPORTANT part, while the more important parts of him, the parts that he’d lost, had all died…

After his accident, his friends, his families, all did everything that they can possibly think of, to get him happy, but, he just couldn’t get happy, because he still lived in the mindset of being in that horrible accident, and, eventually, he took to committing suicide…

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Filed under Life, Losing Sight of What's Important, Loss, Perspectives

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