The Four Steps to Healing Up from Trauma

And no, this still didn’t come from me, from the papers, translated…

The random killing on the Taipei MRT on May 21, had caused a LOT of casualties and those who were injured badly, in the shocks, panic, and unsettling feelings, not knowing if they’re able to keep being safe, and, those who have it serious may not be able to ride on the trains at all.

The traumatic events include the sudden deaths of close friends and families, being diagnosed with something terminal or serious, the survivors of a natural disaster, or someone who’s injured badly in an accident, any of these events, whether it be natural of man made, people can exert signs of PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder.

To reduce the impact of the events, there are four steps you can take:

  • Strengthen Your Social Support Network: take the time to accompany, and have casual conversation with the person, if s/he was willing to disclose anything that happened at the time, keep an open mind and lend a helping ear, if the person didn’t want to talk, then, don’t force her/him, as s/he is ready to, it will come out, and it’s best if it’s talked out.
  • Accept Your Own Traumatic Reactions: It’s normal for the person who experienced the traumas to show fear, and the traumatic reactions include the body, the mind, emotions, and behaviors too, the person may have insomnia, nervousness, and the images of trauma, haunting the mind, feeling of not being safe, uncontrolled emotions, withdrawal, or being isolated.
  • Find Relaxing Things You Can Do: As the time passes, the reaction to the traumas may lessen, if you have relaxation techniques, it would help you cope better, and this time would be passed through easily, and life will be easier to handle, for instance, slow down your paces, getting together with family and friends more, listen to your favorite music, taking a stroll, working out together, and the like.
  • Seek Out Medical Assistance When Necessary: if the traumatic reactions persist for three months without getting any better, or it may have exacerbated, then, you can seek out medical assistance, and you must face these issues with a positive mind, you should NOT not go to the doctors, to prevent further damages to your own health, and, when needed, medications can help your days flow more smoothly.How to turn this negative experience into a source of power, something positive, is a long path, but, if we can help one another out, through the social networks, the support and encouragements of your friends and families, you will have a chance of success.

And so, those, are the K-E-Y-S, to overcoming trauma, and, you may add some “steps”, omit some steps, but, you WILL work HARD, to get healed back up, or else, you shall remain, BROKEN, and, being broken is NOT a good feeling at A-L-L!!!

Traumatic events touched the way the world “feels” to us, it’d broken the feelings of trust that we have toward one another and the world too, and it would make people delusional on how much they’re actually in control of in their separate lives. The stages to healing for the survivors include: re-establishing that sense of security, to re-establish connections with the world, along with reconstructions of the traumatic events.

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