A Homeless Man Got Stabbed Twenty Times and Bled to Death on the Streets

Apparently, NOT all lives are created equal here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A sixty-one year-old unemployed man was found, dead next to the shrine of the public cemetery in Bei-Pu, Hualien; the medical examiners found, that the over twenty stab wounds on him were caused by different weapons, and there was blunt force trauma from his head, and they’re suspecting that he was abused, then, tortured to death.

In April and May, there had been incidence of how after youth got drunk, they’d ganged up on homeless people, and, there was one homeless man who’d gotten murdered; and, there were NO incidences like this in Hualien, and the police are worried that the same thing might have happened to Lin too, and had already reviewed the surveillance footage, and chasing down the suspects.

The police said, that at eight in the morn yesterday, they’d gotten reports that there was a male dead body next to the shrine tower in the cemetery, the body was badly injured, without an I.D.  There were two managers of nearby villages who came to identify him, and they’d all said that the deceased was NOT a homeless man, and, the police used his finger prints, and found that he was a vagabond who lived in Hualien, with priors in theft, Lin.

The younger brother of the deceased received the call from the police, he didn’t show much emotion about his own brother’s death.

He’d stated, that his parents died, and that he’d regularly lived in with his older brother, and, after the older brother divorced, he’d been depressed and couldn’t hold a job, and would get drunk all day, and came home at night, drunk, and would pass out; that he’s a regular nine-to-fiver, and would work until late at night, that he and his brother rarely socialized at all.

The police found that there were two residents who’d told, that two nights ago, around five in the evenings, they’d seen the man wandering about without his shoes close by, as they passed by the public cemetery, and his clothes looked worn out too.

The medical examiners checked, and found that there were at least TWENTY stab wounds on the deceased, that his ribs, the back of his head, along with his forehead had been hit by blunt force, and the kill shot was the broken rib on the left side of his chest, and the puncture would from the left side of his back.

The police suspected that the deceased was beaten, passed out from getting beaten, then, stabbed with something sharp and tortured, causing him to bleed out, and that there may be MORE than one who’d done this, they’re already checking the surveillance footages now.

The police stated, that when the victim was found, his hand reached upward, limbs are stiffened, and his blood had drained dry; but, there was NO sign of struggle where they’d found him, and couldn’t find any traces of blood, so, they’re suspecting that he may have been tortured elsewhere, then, left by the bone tower.

The medical examiners speculated that the time of the body being dumped is at 5:30p.m. on May 21 to the morning of May 22, and that they’re asking the public, that IF anybody knows anything, please help the police.

And so, a HOMELESS man gets brutally murdered, and, nobody knows who’d done it, and, that just still shows that there’s this LACK of respect for life from the world, and, IF the man was murdered by youths, then, it, would be even MORE awful, but, we don’t know, because the report didn’t say anything on that, and, everything is still JUST speculations here.

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