My Son Who Doesn’t Enjoy Playing Online Games at All

Now that’s rare, isn’t it, especially at his age, translated…

In this information age, with one glance, it seems, that everybody has a smart phone, or a tablet, especially when we’re riding on the metro rail systems, or on the bus, every single passenger seemed to have their heads lowered, it’s either that they’re killing time with games, or that they’re instant-messaging people for conversations, there was NO person who’s with a book, riding the bus.

And, my elementary age son is a hard-to-come-by weirdo, even though, we didn’t stop him from playing computer or online games, but he was seemingly uninterested in the online games that are “in” right now, instead, he was taken with books.

One day I asked him, “If you had the choice, without computers to play on, or without books to read, which would be more painful to you?”

Without a second thought, he’d answered, “Without books, I’m really happy when I read.”, so you, it’s so very hard to come by!

You can learn a LOT of information in books, chewing the words, and savoring the sentences, and you can extend your creativity and your imagination with the books.  With the company of books, it will be such wonderful time he will be having in his life.

And so, we have here, a MODERN DAY C-A-V-E-M-A-N, and, it’s good, because there’s this boy, who is UNAFFECTED by the electronic advances in the world, and it’s hard to come by, to see that.


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