Turning a Refrigerator into a Bookcase, Children in the Distant Regions Learned to Love Reading Now

Teaching kids to love reading, in an alternative way here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

If you drove pass the Wu-Feng Region in Hsinchu, and see a refrigerator by the side of the road, don’t be alarmed, and, we also welcome you, to stop and take from it.  The refrigerator is filled with books that can enrich your spirits and minds.

Turning the refrigerator into a bookcase, the inspirations came from the tribal Taoshan Elementary School in Wu Feng.

Last December, the Eslite Culture Foundation donated books to the school, but the instructor discovered, that even though the library was filled with a TON of books, but, the kids have little to NO interests in reading, and, the number they’d gone into the libraries to check out books can be counted with one hand.

The principal, Chen, used his mind, came up with a way, he’d taken the broken refrigerator from his office, and turned it into a bookcase, “Which child isn’t interested in opening up the fridge?”  We’d let the kids open up the fridge, to get some spiritual food.”  This transformation took all the hard work from the instructors, they’d made the outside of the refrigerator colorful, and, in the freezer section, the refrigerating section, and the vegetable bins down at the very bottom, the instructor placed picture books, and novels inside.

The kids who came out to the center of the school campus during their time between classes saw that there was a fridge next to the podium, they were all curious, and opened it up, “Wow!”, everybody is now, fighting, to get her/his hands inside, to get some “food”.  Every book is appealing to someone, and the children who used to run off and play now came to the fridge, and started flipping through the books, standing next to the fridge.

As the parents heard the kids talked of the refrigerator bookcase, they’re all glad that the kids are taking up reading now, and, the families started donating multiple refrigerators they didn’t need, and, after Taoshan had two refrigerator bookcases, the number of kids who took to reading increased quickly.

After the Tourist Official of Wufeng learned of this, he’d decided to duplicate the experience across the entire region.

“There would be NO more than TEN books being checked out by the month,” he said, that the Wufeng Tribe is located in the mountain regions, so, it was hard, for people, to check out books from the libraries.

The land office contacted the sanitations department, to ask them to help keep the refrigerators that people threw away, and, in a National Cleaning Week, they’d gotten FIVE.

Lo, the man in charge of tourism of the region said, that a refrigerator fits about fifty books, “the refrigerator can withstand the wind and the rain, nothing’s MORE fitting in a mountainous regions”.

And so, this, is how you CAN duplicate a good behavior, and transfer it to the rest of the known world, and, it’d still started just ONE simple thought, an idea, that came out of someone’s mind, and that, is the difference that just ONE inspiration CAN make, imagine how many differences all those inspirations will BE able to make, if you ALL put your heads together???


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