The Twists & Turns of One’s Life

A story on marriage, happening in the N-O-W, translated…

There was a colleague of mine who’d gone to a certain community to visit a friend, accidentally discovered, that the security guard for the community was an ex-colleague, Shuan’s husband.  Shuan and her husband immigrated to the U.S., heard that they’d had a business going there, don’t know when they’d returned back to Taiwan, and her husband worked as a security guard.  And, in order to avoid the feeling of uneasiness, so, my colleague didn’t say “hi” to Shuan’s husband back then.

After trying hard to re-establish the connection, I’d found Shuan, and learned, that she’d been back here for over a year’s time now.  Shuan told me, that back then, her husband who worked at a huge corporation, because of the pressures from work, and he faces getting laid off too, and, his friend went to the States to start off a business, and the husband decided to go with his friend there, because he had some money saved up.

Without knowing, that upon arriving in the States, the financial breakdown hit the entire world, Shuan’s husband also couldn’t dodge the consequences of it, and, after a while, he couldn’t handle it at all, and, because he couldn’t find a fitting job, they’d returned back to Taiwan, and back then, her husband was already fifty years old, and, it was hard, for him to find a good job here too, and so, in the end, he’d settled, working as a security guard for the community he lives in.

From the high up officials of a company to a security guard, there’s a HUGE difference in status, and, for a short while, Shuan’s husband couldn’t adapt to this difference in the positions, and would often get depressed.  And still there are a TON of wonderful residents in the community that’d shown him kindness, and would bring him cooked items and fruits, and, the kids would call him uncle, it’d not only made Shuan’s husband’s heart warmed up, it’d also melted his pride too, and slowly, he’d opened back up, and started to enjoy his work.

Shuan said, even though the work as a security guard was long, but he didn’t have to face the stresses of managing others as a manager or a boss, and what’s more importantly, he didn’t need to sit for long hours at the office, or to drink for business either.  And, because his schedule became more normal, and he’d gotten the time to exercise, now, her husband is healthier than he was.

Shuan had also reached the conclusion: that even though life doesn’t always go your way, and, there’s no higher or lower status of jobs, it all relies on how one sees oneself, she was glad, to find her husband, who’s NO longer lost.

And so, you can see, from this, how the mindset of the man changed, because he used to be a hot shot, and now, he’s a security guard, and that, is hard, for anybody to adapt, and yet, because the man was able to see the UP side of his new job, that, was what helped him adapt well now.

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