Who’s Responsible for the Aftermath of the Education Reforms, the Doctorates are Fighting Over the Limited Number of Teaching Posts

Let’s see W-H-O, is to BLAME, for this latest “outcry” and “outburst”, shall we???  Written by a professor of English from Soochow University, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Recently, there was only ONE opening in the department that I taught in, but, there were one-hundred THREE people who came, and, those who’d applied and came for the interviews are the TOP of the TOP, and yet, there was just one opening, and so, we must let many of those qualified instructors go.

Actually, there were THREE instructors from our major that had filed for retirement, plus the one who’d retired two years back, reasonably, we should be looking to fill up FOUR spots, I’d fought for this toward the school’s higher officials, for many times, but, I just couldn’t get them to open up MORE spots.  The reason that the school gave me, was that less and less children were born in Taiwan, and, the school must consider this, in order to NOT lose money.

The school said, that if we don’t prepare ourselves early, we’re already suffering a small financial setback, and, there is only a miniscule chance of getting the fees raised, and if this keeps on happening, the school will suffer and might even close down.

And now, there are doctorates, running L-O-O-S-E on the streets, and, it is hard, to find a teaching position in college, and, more or less, it’s due to this latest reform in education.  Back then, when the education reforms mandated that colleges be accessible for all who want to go, they’d opened up more and more doctorate and masters classes, causing an excess of qualified school officials to go from not enough to having an excess of them, without calculating into the factors, that people these days are NOT having as many children as they had done years ago.

And so, this unevenness of supply AND demand had caused a LOT of colleges and universities to die off, and so, when there’s a need for teachers, the schools wouldn’t hire anymore, and the school had used excuses, to lay off the teachers.

Facing this sort of a cold winter in education, can the Department of Education NOT take the responsibilities for the reforms in education they’d implemented from the beginning?  Or, are they going to PUSH the responsibilities to the schools, to allow them to suffer the consequences of supply and demand?  The world is waiting, and watching, to see how the government is going to handle this.

And so, this, is one thing that they FAIL to calculate in, that there would be less and less, AND still, LESS babies born, and so now, there’s this EXCESS of college grads, and, there’s just NOT enough jobs to go around anywhere, which leads to this situation of those doctorate holders, fighting AFTER those limited number of teaching posts, because the department of education FAILED to factor in the way that the world might change, and, because the future IS unpredictable, nobody KNOWS what is to happen, do we???  Nope!!!


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