What’s the Deal with 22K?

Let’s see, what’s UP, shall we???  Translated…

The Taiwanese society’s view toward college students is generally this: the level of understanding is NOT matched to the past.

The college students complained a lot, and have a TON of excuses too, after they’d graduated, a job is hard to find, and, even IF they manage to find a job, the starting salary is only $22,000N.T. a month.

The graduate schools couldn’t get enough students to attend, even IF it’s the doctoral classes from namely universities, there would be only a handful of students, and some even had NO students at all.

And, the above evaluations are NOT entirely correct.  And still, in the lax of not having enough qualified people, the highly educated, taking to selling things at roadside stands are becoming more and more, what, exactly, is going on?

Actually, it’s a problem with the statistics, and you can trace back to the roots of it all.  From before, only ten to twenty percent of high school grads get into universities, and now, everybody gets into college, and, without “quality control”, everybody GETS a college degree!  And, based off of the same reasoning, IF the college grads believed they’re high and mighty, and, they would NOT take up the lower paying jobs, and, if they don’t adjust their own mindsets, the process of job hunting, naturally, becomes harder, compared to the past generations.  And, even IF they’d managed to find a job, because of their “level of understanding” is NOT as high, naturally, their starting salaries are also, NOT that high either.

There are a LOT of college grads in Taiwan, and now, Taiwan is in a shortage of people, this, is because of the “Average Joe” situation, and getting the degree without much hard work, and the issue of supply and demand.  You don’t need to be a ROCKET SCIENTIST, and you can understand it!  And, because there is this discretion, there would be those who’d graduated college from the Philippines who worked as the maids, that, is a reflection of the current situation.  When the degrees are all over and in the numbers, the supply goes up, and the demands go down, no wonder the status of colleges and universities are lowered now, and, not doing what you’d studied in school, and setting up roadside stands to sell items, there’s NO need to have the press reporting all of this.  The misdirection of areas of interests and ability, covered up a TON of talents, plus how the degrees don’t match up to the needs of the world, causing, “Tour Bus Drivers Needed, Monthly Wage is 7K, and still not enough people applied”; no wonder the world is now, filled with a TON of college grads with dreams, complained nonstop about things.

A few years back, there was an INFLUX of number of grad schools in Taiwan, at first, there were still teachers who came out of teacher’s colleges going to get their doctoral degrees.  And now, after they’d done their basic trainings, there’s NO one to take after their posts, and, you can count out the number of students who take the tests for their doctoral entrance examination, and, it’s not surprising at all anymore!

And so, that, is how the world turns, because this group of newly graduated students, they got NO idea of their direction in life, plus, the identity vs. role confusion phase of the psychosocial development had extended even L-O-N-G-E-R, whereas this stage applied (past tense) only to those teens who are still figuring OUT which direction to take in their lives in the future, and now, it’d extended into the twenties, because people can delay graduation, to DELAY getting a job, growing up, and FACING up to their own separate realities, and that, is why, the world is still, going D-O-W-N, and, can you IMAGINE that these group of children will BE running our worlds in the future?  Boy, I would surely HATE to STICK around for that!!!


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