Time to Review the Processes: the Exhibition Shows for Graduation Tied to Graduating

This still stems from the last time, translated…

I’m a former student who majored in the art department twenty years ago in technical high school, back then, we didn’t have the pricy “exhibition shows”, but the money we’d spent on our graduation exhibitions is still measurable to students now.  And, we’d started preparing the shows a year or two, prior to graduation, seemingly, this, is the most important thing in this stage of our lives.

So, I kept pondering the “purpose of these graduation exhibition shows”, and “must we spend big buck on the graduation exhibitions”, and, the problem that stemmed from it, “must we have exhibits in order to graduate”, the three MAJOR questions.

The graduation shows should be the show of the kids’ hard work, as for whether or not jobs will be offered, it’s an additive, NOT the main prize here.

The students putting on the shows,, not for the sake of getting discovered so they can get good jobs, like how the year-end bonus from companies, is from the owner to the employees, to show kindness, NOT a part of their normal earnings, but, it’d become a restraint now.

On the side of the schools, graduation shows can make the schools more well-known, to get better registration rates.  So, if the schools and the students are on the same pages (which is very hard), the schools used it as a way of enticing students to sign up or classes, and the graduates get to graduate with the process, everybody should be happy about it.

But, it isn’t necessarily so.  The students have a wide variety of backgrounds, and, the schools don’t necessarily have unified rules for the requirements of the exhibitions leading up to graduation, plus, the students have different levels, causing numerous problems, in the graduation exhibition shows.

And so, that, is how it goes, because of how much money gets BURNED into setting up, promoting these exhibition shows, the students are complaining, and, they may have spent their previous years, working on their project, and, it’d just taken the instructors a few seconds, to walk pass the projects, as the instructors marked a check or an “X”, and, that, is just BULLSHIT, because ALL those hard-to-make pieces become SCRAP metal, and, the students would’ve spent so many dollars on setting it up.


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