A Woman Tripped and Fell by the Side of the Road, Seven Students Helped Her Out

There is still, SOME hope left in this world, from the Newspapers, translated…

Seven students from the private Hua-Xia Technical School witnessed a woman who tripped and fell by accident, and blood was running from her chin after she’d hit the ground, they’d gone up to offer assistance to her, used tissues to help her stop the bleeding, called the ambulance.  The man in charge of the borough saw how helpful the students were toward a stranger, he’d commended them on how well they’d handled the situation.

The man in charge of the Ding-Nan Borough in Chonghe, Hsieh, yesterday on his way home around noon, he’d passed the entryway of the street, saw seven students, circling around a woman who had been bleeding from her chin, took turns using tissue paper, to help her stop the bleeding, and someone called up the ambulance.

The EMT, Wei stated that the woman who was hurt was mildly retarded, and the sixty-one year old, Lin lived nearby, after she’d fallen, and scraped her chin, she was rushed to the Tzu-Chi Hospital in Hsintien, and is without any complications to her condition now.

Hsieh saw how helpful the students were, helped the woman stopped her bleeding and called the ambulance, when the ambulance had arrived, they’d not only helped get her into the vehicle, they’d even taken over, directing the traffic flow, they’d handled the situation quite well, he’d given them thumbs up.

Hsieh said, that he’d wanted to give them commend in public for helping out, but the students just told him, “We were only doing what we were supposed to”.  And stated that they were from Hua-Xia Technical School, and after they saw the ambulance coming, they’d walked away rather quickly.  He said, he will totally call up the school, to commend these seven angel-like, helpful to others students.

And so, these seven young men did something wonderful, and yet, they did NOT feel the need to be commemorated, and that, is the heart of TRUE do-gooders, because you KNOW you’d done good things, and, that, is enough, you don’t need any form of an award to TELL the world that you’d done something wonderful.


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