The Government Heard Our Cries

See, complaining about something doesn’t necessarily “work”, you must BITCH about it!!!

The government heard our C-R-I-E-S, we’re a bunch of newly graduated kids who must put on some sort of an exhibition, in order to get our FUCKING (oopsy!!!) diplomas, and yet, we’d BURNED all of our money for making all our exhibitions (artwork, whatever, whatever, whatever, etc., etc., etc.), leaving us penniless, and, our first job?  Well, we ain’t got THOSE, because we’d still have YET to draft out our résumés here.

The government heard our C-R-I-E-S, because we CRIED together, making our unified voice heard (see, many IS greater than one, isn’t it???), and now, the government is MANDATING that the spaces we have our shows must NOT charge us that much, and, hopefully, this will REDUCE the costs of our graduation, well, at least, the government IS doing something FOR us, otherwise, what’s the purpose of us, taxpayers, paying those HIGH percentage of our taxes for, right???  Exactly!

And, the lesson learned here is???  Oh yeah, if we cried like those little babies, wah-wah-wah, and complained about “stuff”, the government will eventually have to hear us, and what does that mean???  Oh yeah, we are too SPOILED rotten by the government, and, consider T-H-I-S: which one of you MORONS (no offense, feel free though) would want to live in a nation where the government spoils ITS citizens?  I know I wouldn’t, but hey, that’s just ME, so…









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